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Amazing street art from around the globe

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In Brazil and Luxembourg Chicago, USA Phlegm’s surreal street art in North Wales Tribute to Bansky’s Exit through the Gift Shop, England Bansky’s tribute in New Orleans. Wild Darvings, Keramikos, Athens, Greece by Hopare in Paris, France The ‘Garden of Eden’ Mosaic by Orodè Deoro in Milan, Italy. July 2014 Fencer in Motion – by Li Hill in Jersey, USA Realistic Street Art by Smug One in England              



Endangered animals you should see before it’s too late


It’s a fact, although nobody seems to notice it, that almost 150 (sometimes up to 200) species of animals go extinct every day. It’s also scientifically proven that the natural extinction rate is almost 1,000 times higher because of the human presence and its consequences. There’s truly little we could individually do to prevent these disasters from happening, but what’s really worth doing is taking some time to admire the endangered species before it’s too late.


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North Korea how you’ve never seen it before

I’ve never heard anyone say anything positive about North Korea. And neither did the producers of this video, city-branding pioneer J T Singh and flow-motion videographer Rob Whitworth. The video is presented as a need to properly inform the Western countries about what really happens there. A city vision through time-lapse photography, explained: There are numerous speculations about the way in which human rights are not respected in this country, how nothing’s popular aside from the


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These amazing sights in Scotland will blow your mind


Aside from the stereotypical image of men dancing in kilts while drinking beer in pubs until the sunrise, there are thousands of reasons for which you should believe that Scotland is one of the most fantastic places that could ever be on your bucket list, especially in terms of phenomenally stunning landscapes. Their uniqueness speaks of the country branding and makes even the most common view (for the natives) seem heavenly for the tourists around


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Summer Food Festivals – the must for every American

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So here’s the thing. We’ve always liked people who can tell the difference between eating incessantly and the ones who get the art behind preparing food, blending flavors and assorting scents. As about the United States of America, if you’re our kind of person, you should already know by now that you can enjoy an absolute paradise as far as food festivals are concerned. For every taste or category of food, there’s one to suit


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Planning your holiday. How safe is it to travel to Turkey?


All the bullets, the manifestations and the violent problems you’ve seen headlines about happening in Turkey are real. But before panicking it’s important to analyze if they truly imply that you’ll have to give up your dream holiday with baklava and Turkish delight. Any major media coverage makes a pretty strong impression and you should take all the safety measures, but there are situations in which the political conflicts don’t have a crucial impact on



National Geographic Photo Contest

Photo Credits: National Geographic 
Photo and caption by Leon Legot
Kyle Buthman in the barrel of a wave in Mexico
Location: Boca de Pascuales, Mexico

The best annual photo contest for enthusiastic travelers organized by National Geographic is at its 26th edition. During the submission period an impressive number of over 18,000 unbelievably wondrous pictures were sent. The voting period lasts until the end of July, when the winners are going to be announced and given their prizes. Until then, anyone can browse through the best photo galleries and vote for the best photos. So hurry up! The official prizes


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Is it safe to travel to Thailand?


Since the Military coup in May this year, there have been countless undecided tourists online asking whether or not it is safe to go to Thailand, and although the national context and situation are overall pretty messed up, there are a few things that should be of high interest for anyone who’s planning on visiting this country in the near future. Implications While there’s been a public declaration of a military martial law nationwide, and


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Immigrants’ heaven. The friendliest countries for settling


Hasn’t it happened a billion times to go visit some place and suddenly decided we’d be capable to leave our lives and everything to just move there? The good thing is, for the most curageous of us, there are some states that not only you’d fall in love with from the first contact, but also have an indulgent policy about the immigrants. And this is not just a post for passionate travelers, but for anyone


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What you should know before visiting Australia. Starting kit

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  The only country continent island on Earth, Australia is a fascinating frenzy of everything ranging from mountains and sands to reefs, beaches and forests with spectacular wildlife, and not to mention a melting-pot of cultures and home to the exciting cities of Melbourne, Sidney, Perth, and so on. Diversity here is all around, but in order to make the most out of it here’s a few things you should know in advance so you