6 practical tips before taking your trip to Japan!

Seeing beneath the appearance of any civilization isn’t easy, especially if you’re at your very first contact with it. Even in neighboring countries that share a lot of history, culture and customs with your own you might feel like a complete stranger, let alone experiencing a distant culture. It’s hugely important to understand and never […]

The best annual travel photo contest by National Geographic – not to miss

Most of the travel enthusiasts already know about the annual contest held by National Geographic that gathers thousands of participants from all over the world. There are lots of reasons for which we’d recommend you to take place to such a competition and the firs one is publicity. We’re firmly sure that there are lots […]

Plitvice National Park. What every visitor should know!

Plitvice National Park is, without doubt, one of the most scenic natural views in Europe. Usually, people visiting it take at least two days to enjoy the beauty of the lakes and luxurious vegetation. This stunning natural beauty was first accredited as a national park in 1949 and it is famous ever since for its […]

Dreamy coffee shop in South Korea is a photographer’s dream

The perfect dreamy place for any coffee lover who’s also a passionate photographer is in South Korea. There’s no other place on Earth to combine the two leisure activities like this does. A couple decided to open a coffee shop that would attract tourists and – rumor has it – no traveler who’s truly in […]

The Construction of the White House from the First Brick Till Today

The White House is an American icon. From its classicly clean french doors to the stately interior, it is immediately recognizable. However, few know details about its construction and several reconstruction projects. Initial construction began on the famous building in 1792, and a mere eight years later, President John Adams was the first to live […]

Spellbinding is the new sexy! A short guide to the heart of Plitvice Park, Croatia

What’s the fuss all about? This park is, perhaps, one of the very few things you know about this country before actually visiting it. The second thing you know is that it really can’t be as pretty as the photos make it look. And while the first thing’s an understatement, the second one’s false. The […]

The Hawaiian Islands: which one is your favorite?

Hawaiian Islands, a place where freshness of floral breeze will energize you and the warmth of serene water will refresh you. With breathtaking natural beauty, it appeals the visitors for enjoying a memorable holiday.  Undoubtedly, there is no place on earth like Hawaii. With six unique islands, it is waiting to deliver distinct experiences that […]

A foray into the world of Herbert’s Dune – The paradise of Huacachina, Peru

‘Color streamed into a toe of darkness testing the sand.’ Frank Herbert, Dune A spectacular destination isn’t only about being popular and civilized. In fact, there are lots of fairy places that haven’t been promoted well enough so far. It takes a passionate backpacker in search of an amazing place, fundamentally different than anything he’s […]

What to do when it continuously rains during your holiday

Accept rain Before you arrive at your holiday destination, its natural you have hoped to see a sunny weather. But the sudden continuous rain ruined all your plans and you end up doing nothing. However, there are places in the world which look beautiful only during rain. For example, if you are at tropical locations, then […]

American Tourist Visas – What You Need To Know

Tourist visas remain an important part of travel for tourists who visit the USA. If you are excluded from the Visa Waiver Program, you must apply for a visa prior to entering the country. Visas are granted under a variety of different circumstances, each requiring a unique visa type. Additionally, you must follow all of […]

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