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  Dubai is a land where great minds come together to tackle great obstacles in the quest to transform itself into a shining oasis. In only a few short years this state of the United Arab Emirates has turned its small port capital into a glittering hub of monumental real estate developments, commerce, and tourism in the Middle East. Following their trend of building the biggest, best, and brightest attractions for their beloved city is…

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Accept rain Before you arrive at your holiday destination, its natural you have hoped to see a sunny weather. But the sudden continuous rain ruined all your plans and you end up doing nothing. However, there are places in the world which look beautiful only during rain. For example, if you are at tropical locations, then you have multiple options to enjoy yourself. You can go to the waterfalls which perform their best while it’s raining…

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  Tourist visas remain an important part of travel for tourists who visit the USA. If you are excluded from the Visa Waiver Program, you must apply for a visa prior to entering the country. Visas are granted under a variety of different circumstances, each requiring a unique visa type. Additionally, you must follow all of the rules specified under your visa while in the United States. This short mini-guide will help you to better…

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The backwaters of Kerala are actually a mesh of lagoons with jungles, canals, birds and animals thrown in. For anyone with wanderlust and a gypsy’s adventure, these water bodies should be explored thoroughly by hiring a houseboat. Kerala tourism also promotes the houseboat culture by organizing annual sporting festivals like the snake boat race. However, the beauty of this region is so appealing that any effort from the tourism department is merely like pepper sprayed…

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Maldives is associated with a destination whose beauty is as profound as the luxury it offers. While a stay in this part of the world is a matter of great pride itself, the euphoria turns into utopia when you choose to put up in one of its many luxury villas. The Maldives do a great line in luxury all inclusive holidays that will really let you relax in style. Discount or no discount, one should…

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The vibrant city of Bangkok appeals to people of all ages and from all walks of life. In fact, there is so much to see and do in Bangkok that first time visitors may have trouble knowing where to start. Here are a few things that should not be missed. Temple hopping Bangkok is famous for its elaborate Buddhist temples and there are dozens of impressive structures that are just waiting to be explored. Some…

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Plane, train or automobile, Europe’s favourite skiing resorts have never been more accessible for Brits, thanks to a selection of new flights from regional airports launched this season and an ever-improving pan-Europe rail network. So whether you off on a solo mission or planning an amazing group skiing session see just how well you can travel around. Flying to the French Alps, which are enjoying exceptional snow conditions this year, is now a relatively simple…

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Munich, Germany and its surrounding areas are known as some of the top ski destinations in the world. From small ski areas to grand resorts, Germany is home to a large variety of exciting ski destinations. While there are typically many destinations to sort through when planning a ski trip to Munich, this article narrows it down to the 5 top ski destinations near Munich Airport. Skiwelt The Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental is known as the…

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Turkey has so much to offer visitors and people looking to up and move to a different country to settle, seeking sun, sea and paradise. You’ll find outstanding natural beauties everywhere you go due to its incredible historical and archaeological sites. For this reason, Turkey has recently become one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. Surrounded on three sides by three different seas, this triangle-shaped country’s shores boast amazing beaches, bays, coves, and islands. One…

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