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Summer is here and that means it’s time to find activities that the whole family will enjoy. Phoenix has an amazing assortment of awesome stuff to do that will appeal to everyone. You can fly to Phoenix easily from Europe from all major airports and internal US flights are very cheap so now is a great time to explore this wonderful quirky city. Phoenix Zoo   The Phoenix Zoo has an event during the month…

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Malaga is one of the most unique cities in Spain, and it offers visitors a vast range of activities and attractions. If you’re looking for something memorable to do while visiting the Andalusian region, you have various options to choose from. Whether you seek exciting adventure or a laid-back excursion, you won’t be disappointed with what this seaport town has to offer. With flights to Malaga from Thompson at very good rates now is a…

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Those who only ski in Chamonix are missing some of the planet’s most breath-taking scenery, so be sure to schedule time for other activities. Chamonix is a fantastic place click here for Chamonix holidays at Inghams so you can see what deals you can get and alongside the skiing make sure you try out some extra activities. Aiguille du Midi Cable Car Believe it or not, not everyone comes to Chamonix to ski. Some come…

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One of the most popular holiday destinations is the Caribbean  explore new islands, tropical beaches and cultures, and with so many potential destinations, it can be difficult to choose the best islands worth a visit. This guide presents the top 4 Caribbean destinations: 1. Aruba: This incredible Dutch island boasts year round warm weather, along with all the beauty you can expect from a Caribbean destination. Though it may not come to mind as one of…

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Flying can be a real hassle these days. Overbooked flights and overzealous security can turn any short vacation trip like flights to Rome or long haul business trips to the USA into a harrowing adventure. There are some steps you can take to minimize the stress and make the journey smoother. Here are 5 Tips to help create a more pleasurable flying experience. Book a Direct Flight. While everyone enjoys saving some cash, the amount that…

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Originally known as the Las Vegas of the East Coast, Atlantic City has in recent years been played as a city that needs help as the bad weather and lack of police on the streets has started to run the city down. Now with a city clean-up operation on the go and some fantastic casinos to visit, there’s a great opportunity to start exploring what AC has to offer. The main casino is the Borgata…

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