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  The Northern Lights, or more scientifically the Aurora Borealis( Aurora was the Roman goddess of the dawn, while the word “boreal” means “north” in Latin) have captivated people’s imagination since the beginning of history as they were totally different from anything encountered by them before. This gave birth to numerous myths as the people of the time were trying as much as possible to give an explanation to the phenomenon; as usually, they turned…

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Pyramids in Italy? You might say that I am misinformed. Even though the Italic Peninsula has definitely had its share of  great civilizations throughout history, none of them created such constructions. However, nature decided to fix this, and so it gave birth to the Ritten pyramids. However, the name of “pyramids” is somewhat misleading. In fact, what you can see here is a group of stalagmite-shaped columns, many of them having a rock placed on…

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Sculpture: Constantin Brâncuşi’s sculptures at Tirgu Jiu The Romanian artist was voted one of the most important creators of his time, his works, such as Madame LR, being sold for no less than almost 30  million euros. Many of these works of art are now part of private collections, so there are plenty of them most of us can’t have access to. However, there is hope left for the ones fascinated by modern art: if…

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The perfection of the sphere has fascinated generations and generations of scientists and artists together; and this is far from being a new phenomenon. Our ancestors seem to have had the same admiration towards it, so they recreated it in such an extraordinary manner that we are still surprised to this day. It is the case of the stone spheres in Costa Rica, the best-known megalithic creations in the area. Also known as Las Bolas…

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Tuthankamun’s tomb Tutankhamun‘s tomb is probably the best-known in the world, maybe because of the fascination people will always  for the Egyptian culture. Moreover, the treasure hidden in it has sparkled our imagination since  Howard Carter found it in 1922 and is still considered to be one of the biggest archaeological discoveries ever made, especially as the tomb was almost intact. See also: What Not to Do in Egypt Tutankhamun ruled Egypt form the age…

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Autumn is that time of the year when you realize that the holiday’s over and that it’s time to get down to some serious work. No more sandy beaches, tropical islands or other sunny locations. However, the fact that the weather has got colder and that you can practically smell the winter doesn’t mean that travelling is over (of course, as long as money and time allows it); in fact, autumn offers great new opportunities…

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Every time we find ourselves unable to explain something, more than feeling powerless we feel fascinated and attracted to that particular something. This is also the case of the strange  beautiful megaliths that can be found all around the world and whose history is still an open case. There are more types of monoliths: firstly, there are the menhirs, a term used for the first time in  France ( in Breton men=long, hir=stone) that refers…

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The Athos Mountain Even though not impressive necessarily through its height (2.033 m), this mountain has become renown worldwide because of the intense spiritual life related to it. The mountain is situated in the northern part of Greece on a peninsula carrying the same name and is currently the place where 20 important orthodox monasteries can be found along with other smaller places for prayer. The region is independent from an administrative point of view,…

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What happened 130 million years ago seems to be taken from a high-budget disaster movie: explosions, destruction, dust and a huge noise. The scary part about it is the fact that the impact between a comet and our planet was very real and disastrous and not just some computer-generated special effects. Luckily, all that is left now of it is a huge crater reminding us how fragile everything really is. So let us go back…

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