11 sights worth seeing in this lifetime

Some places on this Earth are so absolutely special and unique – and here we’ve selected a bunch of them, for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully, you’ll get to visit at least some of them in the near future.

Thor's well, in Cape Perpetua, Oregon. Looks like a doorway towards another, more violent world.

An 'emerald' lake, ontop an inactive volcano in Tongariro National Park, New Zealand

Just a restaurant off the coast of Zanzibar; one of the most rustic places on the face of the planet, if you ask me.

The balloon festival in Capadoccia, Turkey

A desert covered with blooming Phacelia (scorpion's grass), a sight which appears only once in a few years

Perhaps the most spectacular city of the moment - Dubai. This photo was taken from a building called Burj Khalifa, which measures 828 meters above the ground and has 163 floors.

This is taken from the same building, but looking down. Quite the view...

A monument from Kaunas, Lithuania, as seen during the day and during the night.

These spectacular sculptures (there are more like this) were made by Bruno Catalano and are spread throughout France

The 'Happy Rizzi House', in Braunschweig, Germany.

... what can only be described as a small paradise. Off the island of Lamu, at the Indian Ocean

The Maldives airport was built on an artificial island, but it looks magnificent

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