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Hot Springs from the Bowels of the Earth

Spa. A wonderful way of treating the body and the spirit, of charging your batteries in the most pleasant way. Ladies, it’s time for you to feel like queens, forget the everyday routine and experience something new. Be it a family holiday or a “girls’ one”, the following spa centers are a must.

Vichy, France

A spa and resort town from “Massif Central”, France, also named Vichy regime, it exists since the Nazi occupation from 1940 to 1944. The town’s urban ring is the second largest in the area, region named Auvergne.

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Napoleon III put it on the map, by believing in the remarkable power of the springs. During his years of kingship it became famous as the Queen of Spas. The imperial atmosphere survived all those years and still does in the area. As gorgeous parts of it, we can mention the opera house, over 500 hectares of parks and gardens making travelers feel like they have reached Heaven and, of course, the casino. Going there you will also enjoy the oceanic climate incorporated with some features of the mountain one, so breathing the air seems like a great sensation to try. The first sight to catch the eyes of visitors is the permanent stream of people carrying wicker containers to the Hall des Sources. The extreme elegant building is home to what Vichy pilgrims consider as being the fount of life. What makes the spa unique is the great menu of different waters from twelve springs, surrounded by palm trees, pillars and flowers.

Neydharting, Austria

A wonderful and also curious way to spend a holiday is wallowing in a muddy bog, miles away from any types of cities or other forms of civilization. This spectacular spa is renowned for its baths and treatments. The secret? Moor, an oozing mud found only in this particular place, are of moorland set amid lakes and beautiful green hills. This awesome place has been a spa center since the Romans had discovered it, but unfortunately, in the medieval times people did not take care of this place.

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Today it only exists in an almost forgotten corner of the valley, although the landscape is fabulous and deserves all the attention of the potential visitors, who will not feel sorry for spending their holidays in the middle of nowhere, away from all the noise and hurry. This is that kind of pleasurable experience you are ready to repeat over and over again.

The emphasis of the spa is on simplicity, partially because of the conditions. The accommodation is cheap and functional, very close to the treatment center. After half an hour you are taken tenderly out of the bath and left to rest an hour in a state of euphoria, swaddled in cotton sheets. A good tip: you should trust it, as the German and Australian establishments seem to have faith in Moor’s treating powers, as long as they DO send patients to this miraculous place, and it’s good for everybody. Neydharting is also a good destination for those who enjoy sophisticated pursuits, having this way a great possibility of taking long and helpful walks.

Vulcano, Sicily

If you desperately want to escape from the stressful crowded life in the city, another proper destination for you to relax is the southern-most of the Aeolian islands in the north coast of Sicily. Most tourists come from Lipari and are day-trippers, incomprehensible thing, taking in consideration the fact that this place is truly miraculous and its natural resources have remained untapped until now by tourism. An awful stench greets you, coming from the sulfides in the volcano. Still, you shall get over that, because it’s these concentrated sulfur products that constitute an excellent natural treatment. Also, doing this sort of activity is always even better when you get to see this sort of landscape.

Another advantage is that the pool is open for everyone, without any cure center or facilities, things are natural and rustic, having this effect of making people understand that nature still is(or, at least, should be) an important part of our lives. The sensation is similar to sitting in a large natural Jacuzzi, although the experience might turn unpleasant if scalding water bubbling catches out through the rock.

All in all, once you’ve found a perfect spot with relaxing bath temperature water, you can analyze the active volcano with steam issuing from the fissures in its sides.

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