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4 Awesome Eco-Friendly Ski Destinations

For the serious skiing enthusiast, nothing is better than finding a top notch resort that offers comfort, entertainment, and of course top of the line slopes. Below are four fantastic eco-ski destinations that will leave even the most selective skiers satisfied!

1) Chic Choc Mountain Lodge:

Located in Quebec, Canada, this exclusive ski resort not only offers amazing slopes, but a luxurious resort that will leave skiers feeling refreshed and ready to hit the slopes all over again. In addition to being extremely exclusive, the resort is located on the Matane Wildlife Reserve. While out exploring our skiing, guests should be sure to keep an eye out for wildlife such as eagles, caribou, and moose. The resort also features an energy saving building housing 18 rooms in addition to having a spa and a sauna. Now is the time just before the Winter season starts to find some great ski deals for Canada and the Chic Choc Mountain lodge is a fantastic choice.

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2) Iglu-Dorf:

Not only does this resort offer amazing skiing, guests will also love the unique feel of the building. Located in Grandvalira, Andorra, the resort offers snow domes that feature bars, sleeping arrangements, and of course, bars. The temperatures inside of the domes can be a bit chilly and are around zero degrees Celsius, however, the domes are known for their comfort and always leave guests with numerous blankets. Not only that, each individual igloo has its own private hot tub that will leave guests refreshed and toasty.

3) Alter Terra:

As far as ski resorts go, Alter Terra is one of France’s best kept secrets. Located in Lavigerie, Alter Terra offers a wide selection of slopes for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. After hitting the slopes, guests can come back to the 1920s Bed and Breakfast to enjoy a nice relaxing soak in the outdoor hot tub. After soaking it up, guests can look forward to the local, organic food that the resort serves. For vegetarians, the resort offers a vegetarian only menu every other night. In addition to having amazing housing, and impressive slopes, Alter Terra is located in the volcanic Auvergne region.

4) Monte Rosa Mountain Refuge

Skiing enthusiasts will feel as if they have time traveled to the future when they feast their eyes on this futuristic resort. Found in Zermatt, Switzerland, Monte Rosa is composed of a building that soaks up around 90% of its energy from the sun. For serious skiers, this resort is the one to visit. Located right below the Matterhorn, the resort also features amazing views. Great Hotels in Switzerland overlook the fantastic sprawling mountain range so you can really get a breath taking feel for the whole resort.

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