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4 Great Caribbean Destinations

One of the most popular holiday destinations is the Caribbean  explore new islands, tropical beaches and cultures, and with so many potential destinations, it can be difficult to choose the best islands worth a visit. This guide presents the top 4 Caribbean destinations:

1. Aruba: This incredible Dutch island boasts year round warm weather, along with all the beauty you can expect from a Caribbean destination. Though it may not come to mind as one of the major tourism hotspots in the area, it is quickly becoming more popular as travelers discover all that the island has to offer. Some of the most exciting attractions include the Fontein Cave, the Antilla Shipwreck, the Conchi Natural Pool and the famed Haystack Mountain. Head into the capital of Oranjestad for a taste of fabulous dining and thrilling nightlife.
2. Bahamas:As one of the most popular and easily recognized Caribbean destinations, it should come as no surprise that the Bahamas would make a list of cruise stops in the region.With over 2,000 islands, the Bahamas offers a little of something to everyone, and with a close proximity to the United States it provides a simple getaway to North Americans. Try deep sea fishing on the island of Bimini, or explore the colonial capital of Nassau, where exciting museums like the Pirate Museum and the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas draw in thousands of tourists each year.

Jamaica Heaven on Earth

3. Jamaica:Whether you look forward to a thrilling party or a quiet family holiday, Jamaica truly does have it all and you can often get cheap flights to Jamaica as the airline are in fierce competition these days. A short distance from the island of Cuba, Jamaica has incredible weather, stunning beaches and beautiful clear water. Some of the most common places for cruise ships to disembark for the day include the capital Kingston, the bustling Ocho Rios or the breathtaking Montego Bay, which is the second largest city in Jamaica and known for plenty of beachside recreational activities like horseback riding, fishing, surfing and more.

4. Cayman Islands: The three islands which make up the Caymans are among the most beautiful and relaxing destinations within the Caribbean. Grand Cayman is home to the famous Seven Mile Beach, which is easily one of the more incredible shorelines on earth. Explore each of the three islands, but don’t a chance to see a turtle farm, swim with sting rays, or visit the popular Rum Point on the Northern side of the Grand Cayman Island.

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