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4 Great Palaces of the World

The Schönbrunn Palace

It’s considered the most beautiful baroque palace in Europe, is the replica of Versailles Palace and was the residence of the royal family since the 18th century until 1918. Only 40 rooms of the 1411 rooms of the palace and adjacent buildings are open for public visitation.

Its interior is majestic: ceiling paintings of Fresco with lampadare crystal, covered with ornaments in gold and huge mirrors. The most beautiful part is the Grand Gallery, where numerous balls are taken. In the Mirrors’ Room Mozart, at the age of six, gave his first royal concert in 1762, in front of princess Maria Theresa and the royal family. Emperor Franz Joseph (1848-1916) inaugurated in 1882 the Palmarium (greenhouse), the largest in Europe, where one can admire today the most beautiful specimens in the plant collection, which has become historical.

This is where you can also visit the largest and the oldest Zoo in Europe; moreover, the parks and gardens are magnificent. Glorietta is a triumphal arch located on the edge of the hill and offers a splendid view over the city and surroundings.


Another palace, which in French is known as Chateau de Versailles, is definitely worth visting. When the castle was built, Versailles was a regional village, today a suburb of Paris. Since 1682 The Court of Versailles has been the central power in France, during that regime. Years later,the facade becomes a rectilinear garden terrace, by replacing the center of the Mirrors, age-specific style of Louis XIII.This cheerful facade has as opposing side the part from the park, an imposing facade, fully stoned. Mansart gives up these specific baroque features, saying a classic style, with a uniform rate, where horizontality and symmetry dominate, which will rigurosly impose itself. He tames the ensemble severity, drawing 2 groin rows in the center, enlivening this way to the top of the railings with some trophies and sculptures for the turnout.The interior decoration reflects the regal magnificence.

The ” Art of Versailles ”, based on the extent, clarity, harmony and order, becomes the French classicism. Versailles is not only a huge palace, but also an expression of thinking policy. This should not be regarded as a spectacular enactment where all compete for the monarch’s glory: architecture, painting, gardens, sculptures, ornamentation. In the park a vast forest can be seen, land for amenity and shooting. This great East- West axis crosses the King’s room, located in the center of the immense facades measuring no more, no less than 600 m long, oriented NS. The king’s life may be compared to the sun, which renews every morning to bring joy and benefits people in France and worldwide.


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Gugong or Forbidden City

Cultural and administrative center of the former Chinese empire still fascinates the tourists. The Chinese remain impressed, that “the city of the city” was the center of the world. Gugong has a square surface of 72 hectares and is almost totally surrounded by a ditch with water, which has a protective role. The city is also surrounded by a large wall, which reaches a height of 10.4 meters. While hidden again, now more than seven million visitors annually iron its borders. Many sections are already closed to allow the development of the renovation works.


The old place called Mesopotamia, originally known as Sumer, and later as Sumer and Akkad, lies between the rivers Eufrat and Tiger, south of Baghdad today. The Babylonian civilization, between 18 BC sec and 6 BC,  was like the Sumerian one that preceded it, with urban characteristics, although based on agriculture. The kingdom was composed of about 12 towns surrounded by villages.

The political head of state was the king, which had executive powers, and also judicial and legislative. This was helped by governors and administrators. Cities were headed by a council of old people and a clerk appointed by the king. Its history seems more than interesting to any of those who love old civilizations and seeing it would feel like a little piece of heaven.

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