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5 African capitals you should see in your lifetime

There are really few cases when people keep themselves impassive when it comes to traveling. But what do we like the most: the fact that we can come back home whenever we want to, returning to our stumps, or seeing new amazing things, feasting all of your senses with the wonders of foreing lands ? If you’re in the 2nd category (as you really should), the only significant problem is the destination itself, this is why we should take in consideration the miracles of the world, made by either nature or humans.

Cape Town


Cape Town is the legislative capital of South Africa , the place where is located the Parliament and where lots of governmental institutions have their seat, also being the third biggest city, regarding from the point of view of the great and growing number of denizens. A point of attraction for all the tourists arrived here are the beaches. Because of its geography, in Cape Town there can be visited several beaches during a day, each one revealing a specific sight and an astonishing background. And when you don’t want any type of sun tanning, you can go shopping on Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, or visit Two Oceans Aquarium.

Some of Cape Town’s must see attractions include Table Mountain, the V&A Waterfront and Cape Point. Also, you really should taste the wine from the Cape Winelands!



Harbor on the Atlantic Ocean, Freetown is the capital of the African state Sierra Leone. The territory of the country reveals many rare species of animal and birds like Diana monkeys. Until 2012, Freetown is going to become a perfect destination, especially for the tourists who love playing golf, thanks to the 500 millions project of some English paymasters.
The Harmony Hall, a gallery built on the ruins of a 17th century plantation house, exploring the art and cultural history of the Caribbean, is one of the most impressive landmarks there. One of Freetown’s most recognisable features is its famous cotton tree. The cotton tree has reportedly been in the same position since colonists settled in the area in 1787 when the tree was still a young sapling. It now stands outside the Freetown Museum.


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Cairo is the capital of Egypt, with an estimated population of 16 to 20 million. Being the biggest City in Africa, there can be found the seat of the Arabian League. Its most important attractions are: the Egyptian Museum(lodging the biggest collection of ancient egyptian exhibits), Khan El-Khalili(the funniest part of the city, the main shopping area), the Tower of Cairo(187 m height, 43 more meters than the Great Gizeh Pyramid).

Also known as the Triumphant City, Cairo boasts some of the most impressive landmarks you can see in your lifetime, and some remarkable contradictions; magnificent Muslim monuments blend with the unique Christian churches, and the Egyptian Antiquities Museum contrasts with the part of the city with a modern infrastructure. Almost everywhere you can see merchants displaying their stuff, cultural aspects long forgotten in some parts of the world but also thieves. Watch out for those!


In Algiers there are several public attractions, including the Kasbah district, the National Library as well as Bardo Museum and the Catholic Cathedral “Notre Dame d’Afrique”. The Ketchaoua Mosque was, before the attainment of the independence in 1962 the St. Phillipe Cathedral, in its turn converted from an older mosque dating from the XVIIth century. The building is an interesting architectonical monument, a curious mixture of Byzantine and Moresque style. Bardo Museum, important touring objective detains some ancient sculptures and mosaics discovered in Algeria, as well as some Algerian medals and coins.

The modern part of the city is built on the level ground by the seashore, which gives it a pitoresque feel, which attracts millions of tourists each year. Despite what you might be tempted to think, it’s a modern capital, despite emerging from a troubled past. The skyline is dominated by two shapes: the Martyrs Monument (Makam ech-Chahid) in the south and in the city center, the box-like shape of the Hotel Aurassi.


Dakar is situated on a peninsula, the furthest in the west continental Africa. This s a special place, giving the opportunity of several activities. There are fishers selling the fish and sea food, but also magnificent casinos, imposing museums and cathedrals, residential districts with mantions and small cosmopolitan restaurants.
But probably, what you really should look for is not as impressive as you would think : markets, cafes, splendid food and an exciting night life is what makes it a favorite for a significant amount of people. There are also many art galleries for the romantic; oh, but if you’re like that… the beach is for you! If not, and you’re more like the wild type, check out the Paris – Dakar rally!

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