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5 Great shore excursions in San Juan

San Juan is becoming an increasingly popular Caribbean cruise destination, both as an embarkation port and port of call. With its beautiful weather, stunning scenery and rich history and culture, it’s not hard to see why cruise companies are flocking to this island paradise. With this in mind, Here are 5 great ways to spend your time ashore in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

El Yunque rainforest tour and hike

You will first be welcomed into the El Portal Rain Forest Centre, where your hosts will give you and introduction into the animal and plant life that El Yunque plays host to. Prepare to get wet as you hike through the forest to see the stunning La Mina falls. The tropical forest is a haven for exotic bird and wildlife, and you can expect to see and hear a variety of parrots and birdlife in their natural habitat.

Scuba diving off the coast of Fajardo:

Located in the eastern coast of Puerto Rico, a short journey from San Juan, the coastal town of Fajardo offers the opportunity to explore stunning reeds, caverns and channels. The reefs boast an array of corals, from giant coral heads to delicate gorgonians. The clear sea offers excellent visibility to divers, usually exceeding 15 meters, and offers the chance to swim among the abundant tropical sea life.

Shopping in Old San Juan

The Majority of shopping in Old San Juan is done in the many shops in Fortaleza, Cristo and San Francisco streets. Along its cobblestone streets, there are an abundance of factory stores and souvenir shops offering native crafts made from straw and needlework. Great news for all American shoppers is that since Puerto Rico is part of the United States, all purchases are duty-free. The local architecture is mesmerizing and most local streets remained unchanged since they were built in the late 1800’s.

 Take in a Baseball Game

Having produced various Baseball stars that have gone on to be big hits in the USA, It’s fair to assume that Puerto Ricans really love their baseball. When on the Island, why not take a trip down to San Juans Hiram Bithorn stadium, where for around $5 you can see a game, Puerto Rican style. Though unlike in the USA, Hot Dogs are off the menu in favor of fried chicken and crab cakes

Night time kayaking in Bio Bay

If you have an overnight stay in Puerto Rico, then why not head over to Vieques Island to kayak the stunning waters of bio-luminescent bay. The bay is inhabited by Pyrodinium Bahamense, a microscopic species of plankton which is capable of producing light at the mere touch of your hand. Your guide will teach you all about the eco system of the bay and you will get the chance to kayak the serene waters, with every stroke of your paddle leaving behind a trail of blue light.

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