5 less-known waterfalls that would make Niagara blush

Let’s admit it: we’re all fascinated by waterfalls and there are few of us who wouldn’t be able to name at least a few of the most famous. Seeing the Niagara falls, which is the ultimate waterfalls star, is definitely on a lot of “to do” lists, but at its height of a little more than 50 meters it cannot compete with some other giants, more elusive, but just as spectacular. So where should a waterfall fanatic book the next ticket?


The Angel waterfall, the tallest of the tallest, at its 979 meters definitely deserves the attention it has been given. However, few have heard of the second talles waterfall: Tugela, which can be found in South Africa, reaching 948 meters. Located in Drakensberg or Dragon’s Mountains, it can be seen more easily after torrential rains. Of course, there is a reason why not everyone enjoys the spectacular view offered by the falls: it takes between 4,5 (if you’re very fit) and 8 hours to get there and oh, you should also get accustomed to chain ladders. However, the effort is definitely repayed as the view is simply impossible to describe by using just words.


Another noteworthy waterfall takes us closer to Odin and Thor as it is located in Norway. Its name is Mardalfossen, the 7th talles in the world at its 656 meters height ( even more by other measurements). The water has been tapped in order to obtain hydroelectricity, which means that the falls can be seen as they are shown in photos only during the tourist season, which stretches between the 20th of June and the 20th of August. However, we should thank for the fact that we can still enjoy the splendid view to Arnee Naess and 300 other volunteers who tied themselves as a protest against building a dam that would have totally removed the falls.


At its single-drop of 268 meters, the Wallaman waterfall it’s the biggest of its kind in Australia, the history of its formation beginning more than 50 million years ago with the uplift of the continental margin. The silvery drop of water on the Stony Creek is not the only thing worth seeing in the area. The falls are set in a place which serves as home to a large number of animals such as cassowaries (some more exotic relatives of the ostrich), 6-meter long pitons and even the platypus, which can be seen swimming in the area.


The Gocta Cataracts in Peru remained practically unknown until 2005 until explorers decided to raise more data about the area and measure the waterfalls. The result was surprising: 771 meters. Initially, due to some mistakes it was considered to be the third tallest after Angel and Tugela but now it is recognized as the fifth while others rank it as the 14th, which is not bad either. The waterfall received the name of the nearest human settlement and the government has already made arrangements so that the area would become of interest to the tourists. Previously, the locals were reluctant to give information about the falls because they were afraid of the curse of the blonde mermaid who is said to live there.


And finally Asia has its wonders too, even if in this case the waterfall doesn’t have the best reputation it could get. The Kegon waterfall is one of the three tallest and most appreciated in Japan, attracting numerous tourists with its beauty. In autumn the traffic in the area becomes a true hell because of the people coming here at the same time. Unfortunately, not only tourists come here as the falls are well-known for the large number of suicides to take place here. It all started in 1903 with the suicide of a poet and philosophy student, Misao Fujimura. Since then, many more have chosen the same fate; however, the water continues to fall like nothing happened.

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