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5 Things You Must Do in Lake Garda

Lake Garda is a very popular tourist site in Italy. What attracts visitors is the beautiful landscape and the plethora of activities that there are to enjoy as a family or alone! Since it is the largest lake in Italy at 2,350 km2, you can be sure that you will find an area that you will love and want to return to every year. As I mentioned, there are many activities that you can indulge in while you are in Lake Garda, but there are 5 that you absolutely must take part in once you are there. Holidays to Lake Gardawill leave you with such lasting memorys come and see what Italy can offer.

Walking or Hiking

If you love nature, then hiking on and around the mountains that surround the lake would be an ideal pastime for you! The views of the lake from the surrounding peaks are stunningly beautiful! There are hikes of different difficulties, so even if you just want to go for a leisurely stroll, there is bound to be a trail for you. You will never forget walking and seeing this paradise on Earth for as long as you live. When you return home, your friends and family will marvel at the incredible pictures that you will have from your hikes.

Boating on the Lake

It would be difficult to pass up an opportunity to boat on the lake while you are at Lake Garda. Whether you have your own boat, or you rent one on site, you will have an incredible time cruising through the lake. If you want more of a workout, you can rent a kayak and enjoy the lake that way. Once in the water, you can take the opportunity to fish or even swim!

Parks, Zoos, and Gardens

If you want to experience nature away from the lake, you can visit an array of parks and zoos that are located near Lake Garda. The Parco Giardino Sigurta is an amazing garden that is nearly 400 years old! it covers an area of more than 1.5 million square feet and is considered to be one of the top 5 gardens in the world! The park is full of a large variety of plant life, herbs, gardens and lawns. There are even ponds with tropical fish in the gardens. Another park, the Parco Natura Viva, is also very large. Within it, you will be able to find a fauna park, a safari park, and a dinosaur park. That is perfect for the kids!

Theme parks

Once you get your nature activities out of the way, you can visit the surrounding theme parks in search of some thrills with your family. The most popular theme park in Lake Garda, Gardaland, is a family friendly theme park that will provide plenty of fun experiences for everyone. Inside this theme park, you will find many rides, a water park, a resort, and even a movie studio park! No matter what you’re into, you will find it in Gardaland.

As you can see, there are many attractions that you can be a part of while you are in Lake Garda. Take some time participate in these 5 activities and you can be sure that you’ll have the time of your life!

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