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7 touristic wonders of the USA for all ages

Recently, there’s been a lot of fuss (and for good reason!!) around the pollution level of the USA, about how many amazing areas have been destroyed or have lost some of their charm. We also hear a lot about how so many clubs and stores are not “what they used to be”. But still, we shouldn’t forget about the many beauties this country has to offer, both natural and human.

1) Gaved by Colorado during millions and millions of years, The Grand Canyon outspreads over 5 millions of acres in Arizona. Its landscape constitutes the most important touristic attraction and over 5 million people visit it each year – especially during the summer time.



The parc looks forward to visitors for the entire year, but the high season is between April and October. Summer implies crowd, blocking and using the facilities of the parc at the highest level, so it is possible for tourists to prefer visiting it during the spring or the autumn. It is more than agreeable for the ones who have the privilege to go there to admire the sight. The landscape they can see from Desert View Drive and Hermit Road is amazing, more than that, paradisiac. The best photos ever can be taken when the sunset or the risen come. Walking represents another pleasant choice a visitor can make.


Moreover, it’s something serious when we’re talking about the Grand Canion, and if there’s no experience, any tourist would better stay away from the inland canions. There can be made one-day trips, all needed being a map, a lot of water, solar cream and a very best friend.

2) Miami is known as the most interesting place in the entire U.SA, unique through its fast development. Although it can easy become “an intoxicant” because of the crowd, the beaches carry over a special charm, exotic, fact that can make any tourist to dream of it and return there when the next holiday comes.


The activities that can be done there abound, from shopping to playing golf, the city being tooled up with many special places where people can spend their time in extraordinary ways. There also are a tropical park and one of the biggest Zoos in the entire world, called „Miami Metrozoo”. An extra-special moment in Miami is represented by the Calle Ocho Festival, being held right in the center of the city. Just say “we’re going to Miami Beach”. Say it out loud. You’ll know what I’m talking about.

3) Mammoth Cave is named like this thanks to its proportion. The Indian tribes know this fantastic world for over than 4000 years; its incredible length attracts many tourists who want to taste from the joys that nature gives us and when they leave their eyes show an impressing feeling of love for anything that’s around us.

The view changes from extended halls like Rotonda(as big as Grand Central railway from Ney York) to narrow passages, having less than 46 cm width. The ones who choose to cover Echo River are given the opportunity to bequeath the accomplished echo. Frozen Niagara is a serie of halls where stalactites and stalagmites seem to be veritable waterfalls turned into stone.

4) Yosemite National Park is visited by over 3 million tourists each year, fact that proves the quality of the American touristic wonders. The parc has 400 to 4000 m altitude, 5 bunches of sequoia and rich flore(over 3500 plants) and fauna. It issituated in the central area of Sierra Nevada from California. Its most important fluents are Merced and Toulumn.



Yosemite is the second national park and the most popular natural destination in California. Rocky shapes, waterfalls, big pinnacles, subalpine meadows covered by mountain cusps. These are only some of the attractions people can find in Yosemite, where nature becomes a reason of joy.

5) Sun Valley means, before anything else, privacy.

The ones who are captivated by sky would do almost the impossible to assure they`ll spend some peaceful days on the track, away from tumultuous everyday life and indiscreet eyes. ForbesTraveler suggests 7 chic destinations, in the heart of American mountains, where luxe collocates with total relaxation. Adored by by celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gray Cooper, Sun Valley is caracterised as being a magical place, izolated and maybe this is the reason why it is considered to be a gorgeous place. The luxurious chalets from the mountains are meant to give the sensation of a dream, when they constitute a real one.


6) Niagara Waterfall is situated between the states of New York and Ontario, being one of the most popular and spectacular natural wonders of the world. It can be “braved” in a small sail named Maid of the Mist. Niagara has been formed oer 12500 years now, at the end of the last ice age, when the last massive glaciers melted.


Since its formation, it got nearer with about 11 km to Erie. It represents a great touristic attraction, gathering millions of visitors each year. Niagara can be admired from parks situated on the ramp of both shores of the river. Visitors can also go into the Wind Cave, near the waterfall. During the night, Niagara is illuminated by powerful, multicolored spotlights, giving to the visitors the opportunity to admire a spectacle of lights and music.

7) Colorado Springs is a town from the American State Colorado, a place of miracles and extreme pleasures of nature, the perfect place for natural spa and for unforgettable days, also a place for skiing .

The geography and the climate, as well of the air quality recommend it as a peaceful, soothing town; but you shouldn’t think that there’s no nightlife or stuff to do downtown. Nothing like a glass of wine with the mates after a snow fight.

Is your favorite American place here? If so, please leave a comment and let us know which one. If not, that’s even better, we’d love even more to hear about it, so we can add it to the list.

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