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Sleep with the fishes at this lovely underwater hotel in Tanzania

At the Manta Resort on the island of Pemba, Tanzania, you’ll find a hotel room unlike any other on Earth. Designed by Mikael Genberg of Genberg Underwater Hotels AB, is Africa’s first underwater hotel room.

underwater hotel 1

The structure has three levels, but that’s not at all what makes it special: first of all it’s floating. That’s neat and all, but still not that impressive. You get the living room at sea level, with a lounge area and a bathroom facility.

underwater hotel 2

A ladder leads up to the roof which is perfect for sunbathing in the day and stargazing in the night – but what really makes it special is the bedroom. Downstairs, below water level, you get to sleep surrounded by panes of glass affording near 360 degree views. You get to sleep with the fishes, literally, and enjoy the company of the marine creatures which are walking by or have even taken residence nearby.

underwater hotel 3

While hanging out in the bedroom during the day may be nice and all, the magic takes place at night. Creatures such as squid, corals, and even Spanish dancers can be seen through the underwater panels.

underwater hotel 7

Also, visible from the special room is the Blue Hole, an anomaly in the coral reef approximately 250 meters off shore. It falls to 12 meters deep at high tide and is roughly 50 meters wide in diameter.

underwater hotel 5

But if you want the sea to open up in front of you, you’re gonna have to open up your pockets as well. If you want to take your significant other to this wonderous underwater hotel for 7 nights, it’s gonna cost about $3.000 for the two of you, depending on some details. Packages Includes accommodation, airfares from Zanzibar to Pemba return, all meals and snacks, all drinks and cocktails, & 1 daily spa treatment per person per day at our Kipepeo Spa.

underwater hotel 6

Pictures and information from The Manta Resort.

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