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Wildlife-Spotting Adventures on Safari Holidays in Africa

When it comes to wildlife, things dont get much better than the plains of Africa. An African safari adventure offers the chance to see animals such as lions, elephants, giraffe and leopards in the wild – an experience that will live on in the memory forever.

Get Set for an African Adventure

African safari giraffeFor wildlife lovers, nature photographers and adventure tourists, it is hard to think of any place on Earth more exciting than Africa. Safari holidays in this sun-baked part of the world have long been firm favorites among those who dream of seeing lions, elephants, giraffe, leopards and exotic birds in their natural habitat. The opportunity to see these magnificent beasts up close also provides ample opportunity for keen wildlife photographers to take some stunning pictures. Among the African nations, Kenya is one of the most enduringly popular spots for safaris. Kenyan safari holidays offer the chance to see a huge range of animals in one of the most spectacular natural landscapes imaginable.

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Exciting Safari Holidays in Kenya

safari kenya


Kenya is a country with a huge amount to offer for wildlife lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Along with pristine beaches and the towering form of Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya is home to some of the most majestic animals on the planet and Kenyan safari holidays offer a chance to see these beautiful creatures up close. Along with magnificent lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants and giraffes, Kenya’s wild plains are home to more species of birdlife than one could imagine and to see the multitudes of animals and birds gathering for a cooling drink at a watering hole is awe-inspiring – and a wildlife photographerrs dream.

Make the Most of Your Time in Kenya



Kenya is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world in terms of its natural landscape. Anyone heading off on a safari holiday here would be well advised to make the most of their time in the country, setting aside time to visit the stunning beaches that dot the coastline, as well as the bustling city of Nairobi. Many african safari holidays here will take in visits to the Masai Mara and Samburu national parks, where the photogenic landscapes and even more photogenic animal inhabitants will take your breath away.

African Safari Adventures to Suit You

There are a huge number of tour operators running safari holidays in Kenya and it is really up to you to decide just what you want for your money. While some packages offer flights, accommodations, meals and transfers, there are other breaks aimed at visitors who like to set their own agenda – with just the flights and accommodations included. International flights arriving at Nairobi will be met by dozens of tour operators touting their trips to the plains, but it is well worth researching reputable companies online in order to make sure you will get your moneyys worth. Whether you want to stay in a jungle eco-lodge or a luxury city hotel, there are tours to suit you – but it is well worth a little prior research in order to make sure that you donnt get stung.


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