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Some 70 km off the north coast of Honduras there lies this mind blowing jewel; over 100 meters offshore and in the middle of a reef, it just looks amazing. I’m not a diver myself, but I can imagine few places are better to immerse yourself in the underwater spectacle. They call it the Villa on Dunbar Rock. To reach the villa, visitors fly into Guanaja Island where they will be picked up by boat and taken…

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It’s nice to visit the famous sight and hang out in the cool places, but every once in a while, all you need in your travels is a good mural; at least that’s how I feel sometimes. This work of art by Puerto Rican street artist Bikismo for the RAW Project at Jose de Diego Middle School for Art Basel Miami is simply mind blowing! The entire thing is 100% spray paint and it took him only…

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I’m a big fan of urban art projects, and I’m a bit ashamed to say I just now found about about AMAZE. As part of the one-day outdoor art festival Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, design and research labUNSTABLE installed AMAZE, a 3,230-square-foot 3D labyrinth of light and shadow. Unfortunately, the whole thing lasted for only one day – 3 October. I know, I’m a slowpoke. But it was pretty surprising that they installed this complex thing,…

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In case you’re not familiar with Airbnb, they offer a lot of unique and inspiring places to stay, but this dreamy treehouse is simply the cherry on the cake. The treehouse consists of 3 separate rooms, each connected by rope-bridges. Located in Atlanta, the Secluded Intown Treehouse comprises three rustic cabins connected by suspended rope bridges and decorated with twinkling fairy lights. The construction is also very eco-friendly, being built from recovered materials – like all treehouses…

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As many of our friends know, traveling when you’re a vegetarian can be quite a challenge. It gets so stressing and frustrating at times that you actually view good vegetarian restaurant as touristic attractions; and as far as awesome vegetarian restaurants go, it doesn’t get any better than this! Two siblings, Aubry and Kale Walch have spent the last several years perfecting The Herbivorous Butcher’s deliciously deceiving meat-free meats. Aubry has been a vegetarian for 18…

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So here’s the thing. We’ve always liked people who can tell the difference between eating incessantly and the ones who get the art behind preparing food, blending flavors and assorting scents. As about the United States of America, if you’re our kind of person, you should already know by now that you can enjoy an absolute paradise as far as food festivals are concerned. For every taste or category of food, there’s one to suit…

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It’s happened a million times – you visit some place and you just want to drop everything and just move there, right? The good thing is that some of the most awesome countries on Earth also have indulgent policies for immigrants. This article is not just one for passionate travelers, but for anyone who’s feeling that some change has to be made. We’re only suggesting a start! 1. Canada With all the talk on the Internet about Canadians being highly polite…

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There are not two festivals to be or feel the same and that’s a fact. Considering this, every single experience of this kind is worth being exploited and kept as special and unique as it is. Perhaps some of the most important things are not the passions that gather us all together in the same place for two or three days, or even an entire week, but being close to a genuine community. Not booking…

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Rio de Janeiro may seem a little twisted at a first sight and it’s essentially because it’s a huge city, full of stunning places to go to, especially in terms of bars and pubs, in restaurants and cafés. And we’re perfectly able to understand your confusion, but there are some places in the city that under no circumstance should you miss. Although I’m personally pro finding yourself a place to fit your personality, there are…

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