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Three Hidden Luxurious Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Islands are one of the world’s top tourist destination, and it’s easy to tell why: beaches so clean, crisp and stunningly beautiful that they seem from out of this world; friendly and beautiful people; loads of night life, adventure and of course romance! With more than 7,000 to choose from, however, choosing the right one for you might seem like a daunting task. Rest assured, we’re here to make your life easier, so we’ve compiled below a list of our favorite Caribbean Islands for all you luxury travel aficionados out there. Sit back, enjoy a cold one and browse through our list.

Also take a moment and visualize what you read and see in this post. It might seem weird, but when you’ll finally land on one of these islands, one big, fat smile will cross your face. Maybe you’ll remember this article, here on ZME Travel.



Only 15 miles off the coast of Venezuela lies the purely incredible island of Aruba, the westernmost island of the Netherlands Antilles. The Aruba island is also one of the most sought after luxury travel destinations in the Caribbean, and there’s one big reason why some of the world’s fanciest resorts, sparkling casinos and luxury hotels are concentrated along the island’s western edge: the sunrise – one of the most glorious you’ll ever witness! Yes, I know, you’re not a morning person. Neither am I, but trust me, it’s worth it. As an added bonus, every week, there’s a street party called the Caribbean Festival that starts at sunrise.

In Aruba, Spanish, Dutch and native Caribbean culture blend in very eclectic and comfortable way that sets it apart from all the other islands. It’s this cross-cultural blend that truly makes Aruba shine. That and the sunrise; have I mentioned it already?  “Aruba has opened its doors to many other islanders—a lot of Jamaicans, Haitians, Dominicans,” says Ruthlene Flemming, an Aruba native and the event’s coordinator. “It’s our melting pot. And here, you can experience a little bit of the whole Caribbean.”

St. John


The island of St. John is a treasure trove of tropical jungle and enticing enclaves. It’s the smallest of the three U.S Virgin Islands, but don’t let size fool you. Give it a chance and its unspoiled beauty will charm you from the first grain of sand that gently caresses you.

It was once the playpen of gazillionaire Lawrence Rockefeller, who fell in love with this lush land in the 1920s. The luxury take has since then remained stamped on the island, fact attested by the numerous elegant restaurants and hotels positioned all over the coast of the island. With 60% of its land area comprising a pristine national park, St. John is as far away as you can get from civilization, but still be just a short distance from upscale jewelry stores and boutiques. A visit to St. John is a must for those seeking true escape.

St. Martin and St. Maarten


The real life tale of two twin cities, on this dual-governed island you’ll find the best of each culture, all at the price of one vacation. If you’ve been to a typical Caribbean resort before or, better yet, if you have’t been to the islands before but you have a sort of preconceived idea about what it entails (sunny beaches, laid back atmosphere, tranquil sunrises etc. nothing wrong until now, by the way), then wait until you reach St Martin and St. Maarten! his 37-square-mile dot is increasingly popular with travelers who like to eat well, party hard and duty-free shop in between trips to the beach. The north side, St. Martin, is controlled by the French government. It’s the home of the island’s tastiest restaurants and party beaches. Whereas cosmopolitan St. Maarten shelters the most animated casinos, bars and clubs. A territory of the Netherlands Antilles, St. Maarten takes up the southern 16 square miles.


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