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A diving Villa in the middle of a reef? Yes please!

Some 70 km off the north coast of Honduras there lies this mind blowing jewel; over 100 meters offshore and in the middle of a reef, it just looks amazing. I’m not a diver myself, but I can imagine few places are better to immerse yourself in the underwater spectacle. They call it the Villa on Dunbar Rock.


To reach the villa, visitors fly into Guanaja Island where they will be picked up by boat and taken to the rock. The all inclusive villa is about 12 km from the popular diving destination, Roatán. There’s also a private beach and a pool.

But you don’t just get a private villa: you get a private chef, private bartender, private housekeeper, private dive boat and private diving instructors. You can book one room, several, or the whole thing – if you can afford it. The coral reef is pristine and healthy, and it seems like the construction of the villa itself did little or nothing to harm them.

But the price is also a hefty one – you’ll need over $2000 per night for a double room, without nitrox tanks.

All images via Twisted Sifter.


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