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Things to do and eat in Florida

Are you planning a trip to Florida? Well, get ready for an ultimate experience and vacation as there are endless things to do in Florida and many of them are for free (or very cheap)! There is a whole lot of fun to be had in Florida, and it can be very affordable.

As for the accommodation, you would be surprised to learn about the variety and range of lodging options you can find here. You can look for budget resorts or hotels or better, rent a villa in Florida. These Florida rentals are just perfect for a vacation because they are often in prime locations, and you always get the feel of staying at home away from home. You can cook meals, wash your clothes, and enjoy all those things that hotels don’t really provide. Moreover, you might be pleasantly surprised by how simple the process is.


Whether you want to explore some history or want to sightsee or just want to relax on white-sand beaches, there is something here in Florida for everyone.

 For the least expensive fun
There is no need to spend your hard earned money when you can have the same fun for free. Here are some options to explore in Florida that not only keep you engaged but come for free.

  • Visit the Museum of Florida History, and explore its exhibits, collections and educational programs to learn about the cultural and natural environments.
  • Explore Jacksonville where you will come across up-and-coming artists. Just take the First Wednesday Art Walk in downtown Jacksonville and take a self-guided tour of the art galleries.
  • The Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art is one of the largest museums here and features American paintings and pre-Columbian collections along with contemporary works of art.
  • The Old Courthouse Heritage Museum is another exciting and educational venue that speaks of county’s heritage through free collections, presentations, and exhibits.
  • Have a look at a vast collection of paintings sculptures, prints, decorative arts and more through contemporary periods and all under one roof at The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art.

For some fun with family!
Florida is all the more fun especially if you are traveling with your family. It is just the perfect destination for kids of all age groups. Here is how you can have an unforgettable vacation with unique experiences.

  • Pitch a tent on the shore of the St. Mary’s River in Hilliard and launch a canoe. Enjoy looking at the wildlife, beavers or otters and osprey bald eagles. Enjoy camping and canoeing.

These Florida landscapes are simply amazing.

  • Spend a day of adventure in Fort George Island Cultural State Park. Explore the protective fort in Jacksonville, and you can enjoy canoeing, hiking biking and fishing here.
  • The Marine Science Center at Daytona Beach is a must for the families to visit. Get ready for an innovative experience as you appreciate the many wonders of the marine science. The whole family can get an education on turtle rehabilitation and enjoy interactive displays at sting ray touch.
  • Take the favorite family-friendly trails at the Little-Big Econ State Forest. The 4.6-mile trail will take you on a scenic route along the St. Johns River. Explore the natural Florida terrain and admire the views.
  • Take a look at the Friday evening parade at Old Town. This is your chance to look at more than 300 vintage cars and for free. You will see hot-rods classic cars, antiques, and street rods.
  • BCC Planetarium & Observatory is a fun space for the whole family. This is going to be an exploration experience for the little star-gazers to as they take a look at the panoramic shots of the cosmos and the exhibits.
  • Mallory Square is a famous free sunset celebration where the fun begins as the sun sets. Enjoy the local musicians and musicians performing their acts as well as gaze at the priceless view of purple pink and orange sunset.

The food

Florida is geographically south, but its native cosine is entirely different from its neighbors. Enlighten your palate here as you y tour the state and out local foods that are not only delicious but different.

  • Florida stone crab is a hot favorite with the seafood lovers. It is hard to resist those sweet, meaty claws served with a side of mustard sauce.
  • Cuban Sandwiches, a favorite sandwich can be eaten anytime and carries just the right flavors. When in Florida, you must try the Tampa Cuban sandwich that is layered methodically and filled with cheese, pickles, roast pork, smoked ham and pressed between -buttered Cuban bread.

Cuban sandwiches are a staple in Florida cuisine.

  • Florida Rock Shrimp are highly sought because of their unique taste and texture. It is listed under the premium selection of fresh seafood here and is served broiled in butter or fried.
  • Key Lime Pie is a must to eat and carries a distinctly sour taste that sets it apart from the other lime sets. You must try out the tangy, creamy pie which is a pale yellow in color and made with fresh ingredients.
  • Boiled Peanuts can be easily found in Florida and as a bar bite at local watering holes. The peanuts are boiled in their shells for hours in a heavily salted wat, and this is what gives them a distinct shape.
  • Kumquat is the vibrant-orange jewel that can be eaten whole and is commonly found in the yards of many Florida homes. The fruit is used to make thick marmalades and jams and is very popular among the locals.
  • Apalachicola Oysters are Florida’s raw jewels, and the sweet oysters are highly valued among the seafood enthusiasts. Try out the Apalachicola Oysters; the regionally beloved mollusk served at local restaurants.

So, there you have it. These are just some of the many options that the Sunshine State has to offer. Of course, Florida is a polarizing issue, with some people loving it, while others simply can’t be bothered about it — but hopefully, by following these recommendations, you can have a blast.

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