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There are lots of things you can do in Brazil, and it’s too bad that all most of people know about are the beaches and the annual Rio de Janeiro carnival. There’s really a lot more to this place than the things that make it popular. And since the World Cup’s starting in a couple of days, it would be helpful if you knew all the other activities that you can do, without counting the…

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Since the World Cup in Brazil is soon to be starting, there are lots of things that the hundreds of thousands of people heading there should take into consideration. It would be silly to think that you can know all of a nation’s secrects and cultural idiosyncrasies, but it would also be a shame not to take some advice into account. And even if the Brazilians are quite a nice friendly bunch, is always welcome…

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This year’s FIFA World Cup will be hosted in Brazil, where the teams of 31 countries are to play a total of 64 matches in twelve cities across the country from June 12th through July 13th, each in their pursuit to show which the best soccer nation in the world is. If you are among the lucky football fans heading to Brazil to see this exciting tournament, there are a number of safety tips and…

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The World Cup in Brazil is just around the corner, and if you’re traveling to Brazil to see it, you really should know what t0 prepare for upfront. We’ve already written a short description of the cities in which the games will be played, as well as a introduction to the delicious, savory Brazilian foods, but seriously, it wouldn’t be Brazil without the drinks! Serious disclaimer: Drinking alcoholic drinks during the World Cup is seriously a…

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OK, the Football World Cup is set to go, but the games don’t last the entire day – you have to fill them with something else, right? There are many attractions in Brazil, but as long as you’re there, you have to try the local food! Seriously, it’s amazing! But before we start talking about the delicious treats that await you in Brazil, here’s the single most important tip when eating there: Don’t fall for…

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If the previous location of the FIFA World’s Football Championship was in South Africa, now the great 5-week-show is going to happen in Brazil. Depending on your traveling tastes and the kinds of experiences that you’d like to have, Brazil has a lot to offer – it’s a vibrant and passionate country. If you were visiting the country in any other period, I’d write this article differently. But supposing it’s the World Cup that brings you…

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‘Color streamed into a toe of darkness testing the sand.’ Frank Herbert, Dune A spectacular destination isn’t only about being popular and civilized. In fact, there are lots of fairy places that haven’t been promoted well enough so far. It takes a passionate backpacker in search of an amazing place, fundamentally different than anything he’s ever seen to truly understand the power behind this heavenly destination. Another thing to be clarified before really starting to…

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кухненски маси If you’re traveling to Argentina and what to see as much as you can of the beautiful Argentinian landscape, you should need to rent a car.  The country is vast and the roads aren’t the best, and without renting a car, you’ll soon find yourself battling frustration and stranded time. Here’s a few tips I wanted to share on how to rent a car in Argentina on the cheap and fast, which I…

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