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Dreamy coffee shop in South Korea is a photographer’s dream

The perfect dreamy place for any coffee lover who’s also a passionate photographer is in South Korea. There’s no other place on Earth to combine the two leisure activities like this does. A couple decided to open a coffee shop that would attract tourists and – rumor has it – no traveler who’s truly in love with wandering will ever miss photographing an amazing place that no one could ever forget, especially if there’s little or no chance for their friends to ever see the place in real life.

It’s all about perspective and understanding what is still to be told about this world, is what the coffee shop suggests. The house, camera-shaped like a representative Rolleiflex, has become viral and all the bohemian travelers who have visited South Korea starting mid March certainly didn’t miss it.

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‘The Dreamy Camera’, as the building is called, is truly a place of reverie and feeding your love for impressive photos and cameras. On the inside, the design is very classy and quite romantic as well – there are hundreds of cameras exposed on shelves and tables suggesting the power of repetition to emphasize the couple’s love for visual arts seen through dreamy eyes.


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