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A Backwater Odyssey on Kerala Houseboats

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The backwaters of Kerala are actually a mesh of lagoons with jungles, canals, birds and animals thrown in. For anyone with wanderlust and a gypsy’s adventure, these water bodies should be explored thoroughly by hiring a houseboat. Kerala tourism also promotes the houseboat culture by organizing annual sporting festivals like the snake boat race. However, the beauty of this region is so appealing that any effort from the tourism department is merely like pepper sprayed over an already-delicious crispy buttered toast.


Magical House Boats

Magical House Boats

Houseboats are available in all kinds of sizes and types. You can hire one for a solo journey or for a couple’s journey (preferred by honeymooners). In case you are touring with a bunch, a family-sized houseboat should be ideal.

Again, they come in different magnitudes of luxury. From the non-AC houseboats to the AC houseboats to the luxury ones, the options are adequate. If you are on a budget, you may opt for a non-AC boat. But it isn’t ideal if you are touring the state during the summer season between May and July.

Kerala at Night

Kerala at Night

Under Kerala houseboat tour packages, you can hunt for the right package as per your taste, requirement and budget. The houseboat can be hired for a day tour, wherein you can start your voyage anytime during the day (there are several time slots spread over the whole day starting from around 10 am) and end up by twilight. An overnight stay is what is recommended since you get to sleep under the stars and amidst gallons of water. It is an experience to be cherished forever. You may hire a boat for a longer duration too. A week-long trip on a houseboat can be a tiring and satisfying backwater odyssey. However, a two-day trip should be more than enough to check out the beauty and diversity of the Kerala backwaters. A week-long haul can get monotonous after a point of time.

The best place to hire a houseboat from is Alleppey. This region boasts of a huge network of ferry and houseboat services. The demand shoots up (so does the price) during the peak winter season (December-January) but you can look for discounts while browsing through all the Kerala tours.

Depending on the duration you choose, the price shall vary. The trip can take you through the towns of Kottayam, Kumarakom and Kollam. In case you are making a trip during the monsoon season, you may also club the houseboat experience with Ayurveda. Make sure you use a leading  online holiday planner of India Tours to make your trip even more perfect as they will know the best places to go.

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