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Immigrants’ heaven – The friendliest countries for settling

It’s happened a million times – you visit some place and you just want to drop everything and just move there, right? The good thing is that some of the most awesome countries on Earth also have indulgent policies for immigrants. This article is not just one for passionate travelers, but for anyone who’s feeling that some change has to be made. We’re only suggesting a start!

1. Canada

With all the talk on the Internet about Canadians being highly polite and very tolerant, I suppose this isn’t even surprising, or at least it shouldn’t be. The eligibility criteria aren’t that bad – in fact they’re pretty heavenly if you don’t intend to threaten their security or be the head of some obscure organized criminality association… which heh… you don’t, do you? There are numerous immigration programs by which you can socially and legally integrate in the Canadian community, and even more projects to help you find a work place and a home.

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About the specifics: the costs of life in Canada, the industries and sectors where it will be easier to find a job, what are the prices for apartment houses, the conditions for credits and so on are quite approachable. There are even special projects through which you can hire a representative to help you with the local procedures, but it’s optional and you won’t have to get through all the moving alone. Plus, it would be a real turn-off if the Canadians weren’t so polite and helpful, given their worldwide-spread reputation. It’s a lengthy and complicated process, but they do their best to simplify it as much as possible.

Because the procedure takes a long time, one of the most important things you should be doing before getting there would be starting to work on the accommodation issue. As about the logistics aspects of moving in, they should be kept waiting until you’ve got the legal problems solved – it is true that this country’s a true paradise for any immigrant, but you still have to be careful about it.

Cheap Canadian apartment

The skilled worker class is the easiest way for you to have access to a permanent right of residency in Canada, and before actually starting to look for a well-paid job, you should check the specifications concerning the accredited list of studies and degrees from education institutions.

2. Australia

According to the most recent polls, less than 5% of the Australians declared that they’d be somehow disturbed with living next to an immigrant. Although most of the members of the Parliament are white caucasians, you’ll be surprised to find out that many immigrants are given management positions, especially in IT and Petroleum industry – two of the highest paying industries.

Some of the most important details of applying to move to Australia are a good tenancy agreement, a complete immunisation record, school reports for the children and your own professional references and qualifications. We know what you’ve heard about this country may resume to sports-loving people and huge spiders, but it’s time you knew about the national interest in education and health. Australians take their health policies seriously, as they should – considering that there are numerous health hazards. Don’t underestimate this aspect, as well as the costs associated with it.

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Especially during the first steps of moving, it’s highly important for you to first get a good reference letter for your rent (from a previous property manager or any other person who’s entitled to make such a recommendation, perhaps an ex roommate). Afterwards, be ready to pay for at least 7 to 8 weeks, since most of the owners do require a four weeks deposit along with the monthly payments in advance.

If you’ve got an overseas driver’s licence, all you have to do is obtain an Australian State Driver’s licence within three months after your moving if you plan on continuing to drive. The overseas driving licence in case you’re here just temporary is available for an entire year long.

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But you’re planning on moving for good, in which case you should solve this problem faster. Plus, one of the collateral benefits is that one of the most common ways of photo identification is the driver’s licence nationwide, which would make it easier to ID once you solve this problem.

In case you’re about to buy a car, either second hand or new, you’ve got to take the following fees into consideration, along with the normal expenses that this procedure would imply: stamp duty – a percentage of the purchase price, paid to the state government of the state that you’re in, which is paid on all purchases; Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP) – a specific type of insurance which is required by the national laws and implies covering against a claim arising from the death/injury of another person because of your negligence.

3. Sweden

Since the 50’s when it became more of a national policy to be open to immigrants, there have been entire waves of foreign people moving to Sweden for good. As time passed, 1 in 5 people today is an immigrant, and one in 3 people has an immigrant relative, which means that not only are the Swedes open-minded politically, but socially as well.

As about getting a job, there are no differences between an immigrant and a native, since most of the companies only evaluate the competences of the people who they’re hiring. The state is popular as being the most tolerant European state concerning the immigrants and the policies for admitting foreigners in their society.

A new home away from home? Image via Wikipedia.

The foreigners here have exactly the same set of rights as well as obligations as the native citizens, which makes it way much easier to integrate. Plus, the country is, besides amazingly beautiful, an econoic paradise for anyone who’d ever want to live here.

Gay marriages are also legal in Sweden, so there’s a happy place for an entire niche. The country’s clean and the landscapes are totally worth it. Fika is a national tradition of drinking coffee with friends, so there’s a basic pretext by which you can socialize, but the shopping must be done before 5 p.m., because most of the stores have a short program.

Full integration can only be achieved when you’ve learned to speak Swedish, even though most of the people here are fluent in English. July’s the place to roam around and get to know the country, because of two particular reasons, which are strictly connected: the first one’s that many businesses shut down in July, when people take their annual 5-6 weeks off, and the second is because, since there’s not much to do in the city, you should really explore the countryside and the scenic outdoor. The Swedes love nature and for a complete integration you should follow their steps.

IKEA – try and locate your nearest store, because it’s not famous for nothing. It’s cheap, it’s fancy, comfortable and the things you can find here can furnish your home heavenly. Since we’re speaking of homes, you should know that this country’s one of those places where you should take off your shoes whenever you go visit someone, it’s a sign of respect for their home.

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