Costa Rica: a wonder unvailed!

A jewel in the heart of Central America, Costa Rica is known as one of the leading R&R destinations. Once thought of as literally having precious gems and metals in its mines, Costa Rica was called “rich coast” by the first Spanish settlers in the 1500’s. Now, Costa Rica is precious, since it’s the kind of place that offers exciting adventure and awesome view of nature at its best. Nestled between the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, this country promises exhilarating bliss. San Jose, the country’s capital, is the largest city.


Roughly in the center of San Jose city is the town of San Pedro, surrounded by hillsides of coffee trees and banana plantations, this is where a large percent of the population live. Ticos, as the people here are called, take pride in their rich heritage, much of it seen in the structural design of their homes. One will be bowled over at the sight of adobe cottages with thick stucco walls with vivid pink or red as roof coloring. You will also see terraced houses attached to one another in rows. They also have Spanish ranch-houses usually surrounded by sprawling gardens.


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The town of San Pedro is considered the center of education since most of the schools and universities are found within, reason for which 93% of the population is well educated.

dscf0011.JPGKeeping yourself busy in this side of the country is never a problem. The peak season is during their local carnivals & religious fiestas, especially New Year’s Day where the Ticos are known to party and dance the night away.

All throughout the year there are places in the region that specifically highlight a certain sport activity. May it be basketball, baseball, volleyball, auto racing or tennis. The terrain of this region is so versatile that an Eco-Challenge Adventure race was staged here, in the early 90’s.


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For beach bums, make your way to the Caribbean Region, located east of San Jose City. This region is well-known for the array of aquatic flora and fauna found in pristine water. Stretches of white and black sand beaches provide just the right surrounding for aqua sports.

Tour guides and aqua sport specialists usually provide group or private tours such as: sport fishing, scuba diving and surfing. You can also choose to sunbathe and work on a tan. Close to nature, Costa Rica has a the national park system, emphasizing specie preservation by conducting observation tours to see sea turtles lay their eggs and are set out to sea after.

Numerous tropical rainforest parks is also the best place to gawk at nature’s hidden treasures…the Golden Toads of Costa Rica, Quetzal bird, the Scarlet Macaw and the Velvet Worm to name a few residents of Costa Rica’s rainforests. Part of the excitement of the tour is to chance upon rarely seen specie of birds.

po__s-junio-06.jpgFeel the heat as steam rises from the Crater of Poás, a volcano in Costa Rica located about 31 km north of San José. This volcano, is considered active and spews ash, smoke and sulfurous steam. Visiting it is like living on the edge since large explosions are known to occur.Mysterious and edgy, the best place to be any time of the year.


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