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Fun things to do in Christchurch

Christchurch is a wonderful tourist place in New Zealand. Renowned for its scenic beauty and limitless options when it comes to enjoying and having a good time, Christchurch is a favorite for travelers. There are many things to do, from relaxing to adventure activities. The choice is yours!

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Biking is a great option for a day excursion in Christchurch, New Zealand. It’s great for those who have a knack for adventure and can have a fun filled day of biking. Hanmer Springs and the Port Hills are the ideal locations for biking.

Hot pools

Hot pools are another hot favorite for visitors to Christchurch. A day spent in the Hanmer Springs hot spas is very relaxing and soothing.  The Hanmer Springs Thermal Reserve has a large outdoor area with geothermal pools. Visitors can bathe in these pools and enjoy the warm water while looking at the snowy mountains.

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Whale watching in Kaikoura

For nature lovers, this short trip from Christchurch will give them a taste of heaven. Whale watching is a must-do activity for anyone and everyone. You can get up close and personal with king of the sea. Whale watching is an organized activity in the peaceful town of Kaikoura, and should not be missed. The Humpback, Giant Sperm, Pilot or the Southern Blue Whales, all of them are waiting for you to visit them by ship or by helicopters. Kaikoura’s stunning beauty combined with the rare pleasure of whale watching makes it worth a day trip.

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Seagar’s café

For those who love food, Seagers café at Oxford is the place to go. They offer simple and exciting typical New Zealand cuisine with local wines. The modest atmosphere combined with the home like ambience of the place makes it a place definitely worth a visit.

Swimming with the dolphins in Akaroa

Need I say more? The city of Akaroa provides you with the possibility of swimming with the dolphins – the most loved mammal. An hour and a half away from Christchurch, Akaroa has the ability to provide you with the most memorable experiences. Also the Akaroa Cooking School provides cooking lessons to the food enthusiasts and is a perfect way to relax.

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We start and end with an adventurous activity. Who doesn’t like Skiing especially when a day trip from Christchurch can take you to Mt. Hutt with its super attractive Skiing packages? Its backdrop of spectacular peaks, long snow-covered alps and modern skiing facilities makes it an ideal skiing location. Also Porter Heights and Mt Cheeseman have great skiing fields and are popular with those who love to ski.

Author bio:  Jessica is a New Zealand-based travel blogger.

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