Discover The Beaches of Brittany

Откъде да купя иконаBrittany Beaches

Located in the north west of France, Brittany is a fabulous choice for a French beach vacation. With pristine beaches, convenient facilities and historic landmarks like the pre-historic stones in Carnac, Brittany is the place to go for a classic summer French vacation. Camping holidays to France can be booked through Thomson Al Fresco.
Dinard, located just across the water from St. Malo, is a posh location with a high profile social calendar. It’s white sand beaches and blue water gives this beach a riviera feel. The main beach in Dinard, Plage de l’Ecluse plays host to a world class casino and the beach’s coastal walking trails will lead to spectacular views of the bay.

Carnac-Ville and Carnac-Plage make up an extremely popular beach destination for summer holiday goers. Home to 5 Brittany beaches, the Carnac region has a location to suit every need. The two most popular beaches, Plages Men Du and Beaumer, are heavily wooded and offer plenty of sun protection. La Grande Plage and St. Colomban beaches in the Carnac area offer supervised swimming in the summer.

Ile-de-Batz, situated across from Roscoff (1000 meters during high tide, but only a short 200 meters during low tide) is easily accessible by ferry. The island is very small and is perfect for a romantic stroll or cycling tour. Ile-de-Batz is most famous for the Jardin Exotique which boasts over 3000 species of plants from around the world.

The Quiberon coast is aptly nicknamed the Cote Sauvage or ‘wild coast.’ Here the sea swells against the shore, creating ideal conditions for surfing. While the port town itself has a quaint beach appropriate for families, a more adventurous site seer should take the ferry 45 minutes over to Belle-Ile. Rent a bicycle in the port town of La Palais and see it’s thriving biodiversity at your leisure.

Just east of Benodet is the resort town of Concarneau. One of France’s largest fishing ports, Concarneau is home to a world class aquarium, sailing schools and pleasant beach front trails. While in Concarneau be sure to visit the Ville Close, a 13th century citadelle that towers over a rocky islet in the bay.

Brittany is a fantastic choice for a proper French beach vacation. From pleasant strolls along picturesque promenades, to ancient castles and lush gardens, the Brittany coast is not to be missed. Whether you are travelling with children or on a romantic getaway, the beaches of Brittany are sure to provide memories to last a lifetime.

This article was written by Sarah Clarke – She loves blogging about camping on the continent with her family.

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