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Diving through Stockholm’s free festivals

Blue and green come in all shades and nuances here, in the city where WiFi will never be a problem. The best way to discover the best this city can offer is by walking. Try and take in as much information as possible, along with the all kinds of positive vibes. And no, we’re not being abstruse, it’s the plain truth and you’ll have the chance to live it yourself. Stockholm is one of the most amazing places and the best thing is that you don’t even need money for this.

1. Midsummer Festival

Depending on the time you’ve planned your visit, you may be able to join some of the most ecstatic national events. One of the most popular traditions is the ‘Midsommar’. Every year, the summer is welcomed with the same enthusiasm their ancestors celebrated thousands of years ago, in pre-Christian times. All Sweden dresses its best bib and tucker. From children to their grandparents, from national institutions to every citizen’s home, everyone decorate their homes in wreaths and flower garlands. The rituals and many customs associated with nature and specific traditional practices were replaced, in time, with modern entertainment. June and July are, for the Scandinavians, the very much deserved reward for their stoic endurance of breathtaking cold, unfriendly winds and too much snow. This vanishing summer is their annual gift, a happening that deserves to be glorified. For you, on the other hand, it’s the perfect time to understand that this revived Sweden is full of life and vibrant and has lots of things to offer. June is definitely the time you should visit this place if you want to see it blossoming. On the Saturday between June 20th and June 26th, you’ll see Stockholm coming to life, more active than ever. And especially if you’re not here for the first time and you’ve seen it during winter as well, you’ll understand the deep discrepancy of its two sights.

2. Witness the Stockholm Pride

An event you wouldn’t like to miss in July regardless of your sexual orientation is the week of LGBT, the largest event of this kind in the entire Scandinavian world. Lots of things are to be seen, but what you’ll love most especially if you come as an outsider is the level of tolerance and politeness you’ll find here. While the event is clearly one of the best European hot spots for free fun and entertainment, it’s one of the best places to be. For an instance there (especially if you’re from the Eastern Europe) you’ll think this is paradise – nice people, willing to help and give directions, everyone is careful not to step on your shoes despite the crowded places and the density of honest apologizes and considerate thanks is perhaps one of the best you’ll ever see.

Not to mention the activities. All kinds of debates on LGBT and society, movies, workshops, theater and other themed works of entertainment with thousands of spectators is what unites the entire Scandinavian LGBT community as well as anyone else interested in tolerance and equality. Sodermalm, Sweden’s largest island hosts most of these events.

3. Taste of Stockholm

The only reason why a gourmet wouldn’t picture his Heaven like Stockholm during this event would be never attending it. Once you’ve been here, as a food lover, you’ll come back year after year to reward your taste with the most elaborate and extravagant foods. No one leaves the premises unsatisfied, and the 6 day event that takes place every June pampers the tourists with live music and entertainment programs, as well as food related activities. This year, the event turns 23 – the culinary party is going to take place, as usual, at King’s Garden downtown park. The too short week at the beginning of summertime is a great place for anyone who’s interested in having a healthy life style. The organic products meet respect for locally grown produce just to make you the happiest gourmet on earth. The event is part of a bigger series of food festivals held in different countries all over Europe, but the organization here is by far the best, and if you were to choose between more carnivals of this kind, Stockholm’s where the most passionate gourmets go every year. One of the reasons why everyone comes back year after year is that both before the actual event and during it the city looks perfectly clean and tidy, unlike most of the very popular destinations. Although there’s no entrance fee, there are three types of tickets you can buy for being the most active tourist of the festival and having access to all the restaurants: regular entrance, premium and VIP for the most passionate gourmets out there, who’ve been waiting all year-long for this event to take place.

4. Award Lectures of Nobel Prize

This is science’s biggest annual event in Sweden happening days before the ceremony takes place, this is a great opportunity for top journalists to make great interviews with the laureates and a huge moment for all the travelers interested in the academic fields of all kind. The lectures aren’t to be missed by anyone who’s even merely interested in a specific field of study. And if you happen to be in Sweden in December, this is something you’ll be telling your grandchildren about. Whatever your area of interest is, there will surely be at least one lecture to interest you in some way. Diversity is what makes Nobel Prizes awesome and very actual and modern after all this time.

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