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Birmingham is known mostly for its industrial landscape and bustling economy — let’s face it, it’s not really the nicest of places. But Birmingham also has its well-kept secrets, especially for nature lovers. We set out from the quiet Harborne to explore the Sandwell Valley RSPB, keeping our path as green as possible, and walking on foot. It was long and tiring walk, but it was definitely worth it. Even just parts of this walk…

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Deep in the rural countryside of the UK, on the Welsh bank of the river Wye, time forgot how to move forward. Everything is green, people smile and are always in the mood for a talk, and even the river seems in no rush to get to the sea, meandering along the green foothills. It’s here that you can find one of the most spectacular abbeys in Europe, even though it’s been abandoned for many…

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A specific name probably pops to mind when thinking of Nottingham: Robin Hood. But this vibrant city has much more to offer than a centuries-old legend. With a blooming University and a chic, elegant spirit, Nottingham blends history with modernism and is without a doubt one of the hidden gems of England. A well-kept secret It’s no surprise to see Nottingham’s stunning history. The city boasts a beautiful castle with charming gardens and a lovely…

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The Big Ben is England’s most memorable landmark, and one of the best ones in the world. Unfortunately though, travelers will only be able to fully enjoy it until 2017 and after 2020 – as scaffolding and maintenance works are scheduled. Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell of the clock in London’s Palace of Westminster. The tower was completed in 1858 and had its 150th anniversary on 31 May 2009, establishing its status…

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Portugal is well known for its amazing beaches in the Algarve – most people visit the country in the summer to enjoy the Sun and the ocean. Also, the big cities (Porto and Lisbon) take the lion’s share when it comes to visitors. But that doesn’t mean that other cities aren’t just as beautiful! Here, I’ll be sharing with you some of Portugal’s best kept secrets – lovely small cities that you’ll certainly enjoy visiting….

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When I visited Lisbon, a city known for its bohemian atmosphere, lovely beaches and hot nightlife, I didn’t imagine I’d be wandering the streets looking for urban art – but that’s exactly what happened. Lisbon is just bustling with creative graffitis in all neighborhoods, depicting everything from novel characters to passionate love scenes. Naturally, the city is also filled with crap graffiti.Furthermore, for most people, this type of art is only reserved for the young. LATA 65 wants…

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In one of the nicest campaigns I’ve recently seen, Airbnb have just launched a house down the Thames, the river that passes through London’s heart. They did it to celebrate the recent change in London’s rent laws, which will allow citizens to legally share their flats through Airbnb. When it comes to rent, London is hands down one of the most expensive cities in the world. A small room at the edge of the city…

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Catalonia – the historical and rebellious community/nation of Spain – is one of the most interesting areas in the world. At the meeting point of Spain, France and the Mediterranean, Catalonia is most known for tourists as “the area in which Barcelona is”, and for good reason. Barcelona is quite possibly the most touristic city in the world, with its dazzling architecture, stunning beaches, beautiful landscapes and bohemian lifestyle, but there’s much more to Catalonia…

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When the Communist Regime in Romania wanted the local industry to boom, they relocated many people from villages to cities. The population, which was predominantly rural, started to shift, as more and more people moved to the country’s urban centers. When the regime fell, many things changed in Romania, but that trend didn’t – more and more people are leaving villages today, up to the point where entire villages are deserted. A new study has…

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