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Chugging Through Time on the Danube Express

danube_expressOften dubbed a luxurious hotel on wheels, the Danube Express is a sumptuous train and its most spectacular route is between the ancient capital of Istanbul and Budapest, the glittering capital of Hungary.  Named for the river, the Danube Express can make for an extraordinary holiday experience.  Witness the Bosphorus and journey through the Carpathian Mountains, over the Hungarian plains, to the stunning Hungarian capital on the Danube River.  Breath-taking scenery, delicious cuisine and the experience of a lifetime—this is a train journey you’ll never forget!


The Journey

The Transylvanian West journey on the Danube Express takes passengers back in time, recalling the majesty of the Oriental Express. Travellers begin their trip in Istanbul which, of course, is filled with ancient sites and unparalleled contemporary attractions. From ancient bath houses to charming cafes and incredible feats of architecture, there is much to behold throughout this ancient city.  Visitors can plan their Istanbul experience by booking vacations such as Club Med Turkey holidays, which culminate with this fabulous train journey to Budapest.




After experiencing the cultural and historical delights of Istanbul, travellers will board the train and make their way over the ancient waters of the Bosphorus, where mariners have steered their craft since antiquity.  Travelling though the wilds of Romania, visitors will catch a glimpse of what life in the Carpathians must have been like millennia ago, comparing it to how it is today.  Scenic splendour awaits travellers who make their way through this region by train.  One of the great things about this particular trip is the time frame. The train allows for travellers to leave the train to explore and make their own discoveries. Consequently, it’s not about getting from here to there quickly—it’s about savouring all the moments of the trip in between.


In Hungary, travellers will witness the endless plains, the bread basket of Hungary.  The journey ends, of course, in Budapest, but this glorious capital is a stunning holiday destination in its own right!  Experience the beauty of Budapest’s historic architecture, its delectable cuisine, and its glamorous nightlife.  Stroll along the river at night or lunch in one of the historic squares with a slice of Dobos torte.  Budapest is simply beautiful with its parks, castle, museums and enchanting scenery.


The Train

While much emphasis is placed on the sites of the journey—the sunflower fields and grand mountain vistas—the train itself is a delightful part of the experience.  With sleeping cars, lounge cars, and dining cars, it truly is a hotel on wheels!  Cuisine features Eastern European favourites, made with local ingredients, prepared by stellar chefs.  Accommodations are designed with every comfort in mind.  Enjoy privacy or experience the social climate of the lounge cars, as you make your way from one majestic city to another.


All in all, this is a spectacular journey—a world-class experience that will afford any traveller a wonderful holiday experience.  Consider booking a trip on the Danube Express from Istanbul to Budapest or from Budapest to Istanbul!  You’ll love the train and you’ll love the entire experience.


Alex Norman enjoys taking his family for holidays to Turkey. A travel consultant himself, his articles mainly appear on travel websites.

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