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The Ark hotel: Five Star Survival

In case a flood of biblical proportions strikes, like Noah’s flood for example, surviving would be just great. But surviving in spacious airy rooms, with plenty of greenery and five star room service – now that’s more like it!

The futuristic building is absolutely mind boggling. Russian architectural firm Remistudio took the concept of Ark to a whole new level, designed to withstand not only floods, tidal waves and rising ocean levels, but also earthquakes and other disasters. The big thing is that the entire building is pretty much a green, self-sustaining environment, suit for high-quality guests who want to stay there for a long time.

The design took its inspiration from nature, loosely following the shape of a shell, but it has a system of arches and cables which maintain an even weight distribution – something extremely important if you’re facing earthquakes or big waves. The internal garden not only works as a lush, beautiful escape but also as a greenhouse – quite important for air purification and improvement.

As a matter of fact, the hotel features many such improvements. The Ark integrates photovoltaic solar cells, a rainwater collection system and a frame that is protected with layer of self-cleaning and recyclable ethyltetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) – a fluorine based plastic, was designed to have high corrosion resistance and strength over a wide temperature range. With all these implemented elements, the hotel is green as well as luxurious. The frame is also equipped with a self cleaning layer to ensure the quality of light.

Alexander Remizov, of Remistudio declared:

‘For architecture there are two major concerns.‘The first is maintenance of security and precautions against extreme environmental conditions and climate changes. The second one is protection of natural environment from human activities.’The Ark is an attempt to answer the challenges of our time. ‘Provision is made for an independent life support system.  ‘All the plants are chosen according to compatibility, illumination and efficiency of oxygen producing, and with the aim of creating an attractive and comfort space. ‘Through the transparent roof there is enough light for plants and for illuminating the inner rooms.’

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