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Lanzarote: a volcanic beauty – more than just a party node


Better known as a popular party destination in the Canary Islands, the island of Lanzarote is not only a fantastic place to find fun, but also to experience some of nature’s unique features. A volcanic island, Lanzarote has been shaped and stretched by a series of volcanic eruptions that lasted until the 18th century, making it into what’s today – a fantastic, alien-looking landscape of dormant volcanoes, beautiful valleys and an assortment of uniquely colored rock formations.


If you’re keen on setting aside the myriad of party distractions the island has to offer, for a slice of nature communion, look no further than the Timanfaya National Park in the north-west. This is where Lanzarote’s volcanic past shines brighter than anywhere. Here, vast sweeps of charcoal-coloured rock, towering peaks and huge craters are rampant. A must see is the Fire Mountains, but be aware that you need to book a guide, coach trip or camel ride in order to explore its vicinity.


Also the coastal line of Lanzarote is regularly swept by some beautiful natural phenomenae like Green Lagoon or Laguna de los Ciclos where local algae is at its most concentrated and Los Hervideros, where the waves shoot up with blowhole-force through the gaps in the rock.


Beneath the surface, you can go an amazing journeys where you’ll most definitely reminisce of scenes from Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, like solidified lava stream or water-logged tunnels. Don’t miss the Cave of Los Verdes, which is a whooping 7 kilometers long, stretching across both land and sea.

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