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Benidorm: holiday sensation for the elderly and not only

Benidorm holiday

A seaside resort on the Costa Blanca in the province of Alicante, Valencia, Spain, the tourist city of Benidorm is well known for its sunny beaches and long history of tourism. It’s populace is mainly Spanish, however quite a number of British expats found their home here. There’s a rather common misconception that Benidorm isn’t quite the funnest place to holiday especially for young people, since it used to be one of the top European destination for the elderly in the 1960s.

The local administration and businesses have revamped their model since, as a myriad of parties, events, five star hotels, groovy clubs and 24/7 bars have spiked in Benidorm in the past few years. Now, the seaside resort has transitioned to a place where basically all kinds of people can find their place and enjoy some quality, sunny time.

Benidorm holiday

A bit of fun facts on Benidorm, though. Did you know the city was the first in Spain to allow the bikini? Quite the funny story actually. It seems that in the early 1950s the mayor of the back then mere fishing town, Pedro Zaragoza, went all the way to Madrid to meet general Franco himself, a fearsome dictator, to ask permission for female tourists to wear their revealing bathing costumes on his beaches. Contrary to catholic priests protests, Franco allowed it. The rest, well it’s history!

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Today Benidorm is famous for tall hotels and holiday apartment blocks, some of which are over 25 floors high. Since 2006 Benidorm has also seen a huge increase in the quality of accommodation and now attracts not just package holiday visitors but tourists who demand 5-star hotel and spa complexes. In total, there are about 1,000 places to eat and drink. It’s not about quantity in Benidorm, though, which is on a fast track to becoming a must-go-to destination for any Europe party goer. Finding cheap holidays to Benidorm is very easy, too.

Benidorm holiday

And what’s not to like? Benidorm gets 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, its beaches are beautifully white and the water is pristine. Sure, the parties might not be as bustling as Ibiza, but they’re starting to grow in Benidorm as well. And if you come with your family, well you blend a lot of tastes here.

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