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Iceland. A technical kit for visiting the country of fire and ice

While in a previous post I’ve already given you plenty of reasons to visit this magnificent country, here I’m gonna go into a little more technicalities – explaining the ‘what’s’ and the ‘how’s’ of visiting Iceland.

First, you’ve got to know that visiting this country has never been easier. Besides the branding and promotion campaigns that have attracted tourists as well as agencies to please their wishes, the most amazing fact about this place is that it’s got 39 airports so transportation is never a problem from wherever you come from and to wherever you decide to go – it may be fairly expensive, but nothing extraordinary. And if your visits to other countries have been planned rather by the possibilities the airports placement offered, in Iceland there’s no such problem. There is, however, a list of the friendliest airports in the country, the ones that we strongly recommend for the prompt and serious international activity, for the flight frequency and for the professional services.

Come here by plane




Keflavik International Airport. It has permanent connection with 55 cities of the world, which makes the decision very comfortable and worth it in terms of dynamism, being connected with over 20 airlines operating in and out of it frequently enough to assure the services competitiveness. Over 300 flights depart from here weekly, so you won’t encounter any problem in planning your visit by days, no matter where you come from. But the good news is that if you want to buy something from duty free this is one of the few Europe’s airports where you can get what you want regardless of your arriving or departing passenger status. The subsidiary Rammagerðin gift store doesn’t only have a very developed range of products, but they’re also over 50 per cent cheaper than in a standard shop in Reykjavik.


Two very popular hotels where we recommend you stay overnight in case you haven’t planned your holiday yet are Airport Hotel Smari, a three-star hotel with a very friendly and professional staff and prompt services, way above the official rating. A single room here starts from $96 dollars, but it’s really worth the money taking into consideration the services quality and the central positioning, very close to the airport. In terms of comfort – price ratio it’s the most convenient choice. Another three-star hotel rating that provides excellent services compared to the price is Hotel Berg. The place is preferred more by couples then families, because it looks very intimate, and the pricing is quite affordable for any tourist, starting from $85. The serving is irreproachable as well and it’s not very far from the airport either, so you may want to take both into consideration, in case that it happens for one of them to be full by the time you arrive.

waterfalls of iceland

Reykjavik Domestic Airport. Although it’s the second biggest airport in Iceland, it can’t be compared with Keflavik in terms of offers and services range. It does, though, operate with two airlines and the flights are quite high quality. Plus, there’s the advantage that you first get to visit the capital of the country which is also the most popular place you’ll see. But as we’ve previously mentioned in another article, it’s certainly not the most impressing of them. There are only 8 cities that the airport offers nonstop flights to, while if you’re not on a perfectly planned trip you may not want to leave from here, as the departures may differ. The great advantage is that you may catch one of the 161 domestic flights that occur every week according to the program and you’ll be able to go to another airport for an international flight in case you find the offer here as unsatisfactory.


Other three well known airports are Egilsstadir (national airport with approximately 50 weekly domestic flights), Isafjordur (its offer is below 20 domestic flights a week, but the prices are moderate to low so anyone would afford them) and Akureyri airport collaborating with 3 airlines and offering constant flights to 3 cities, while approximately 110 to 115 domestic flights occur weekly.

Visit the country by bus


The country abounds in terrific landscapes, unique in the entire world and totally worth visiting, given their diversity and the natural disposal of these breathtaking beauties. It’s clear enough even for those of us who haven’t been to Iceland yet that the country’s trademarks are a little bit too much even for a week holiday. The northern lights are extremely beautiful and quite unique experiences for those who live in southern countries, while the mountains are wild, stormy, restless and howling, the seascapes are harmonious, soothing and tranquil, perfect for some serene quality time. Of course, we’re here to help you decide and since there are lots of great packages, we decided to present you the greatest ones.


Because the most definite differential advantage are the northern lights and the specific bright, vibrant waterfalls that make the place be matchless, the first trip to be recommended is a 6 day city break, starting from approximately $760 (a little over 92, 000 ISK), with extensive visiting program and a permanent guide to show you the insights of these wondrous natural treasures. The price covers accommodation for 5 nights, transport and a transfer from Reflavik airport to the hotel in Reykjavik.

Concerning the voyage per se, it’s really interesting that the package offers you the possibility to see the Golden Circle with its attractions, the northern lights (you should really see the aurora borealis in your lifetime) and the Blue Lagoon as well, which means having covered the most important touristic attractions at once. Of course, each of these is going to leave you astonished and what’s the most interesting is that they’re so different one from the other, that the landscapes don’t only seem from different countries, but’s it’s also physically difficult for the brain to incorporate such diverse images and stimuli at once.


For those of you who are a mad for adrenaline and seeking for intense experiences, there’s a perfect package full of winter activities to keep you speeding. Adventure meets comfort and this is mainly why the price is over double than you’d pay for the other package, somewhere around $2300 (approximately 275, 000 ISK), but it’s worth it given the dynamism of the stay and the accommodation and transport conditions – not only above average, but really capable to satisfy even the most exigent visitors, without being exaggeratedly ostentatious or opulent. It’s the best remedy for a stressful, sedentary life full of working days, and it’s the better recommended as during the cold season, when most of the employees are given days off.


While the arrival is at Reflavik airport as well, the transport to the capital’s assured in the standard package and it’s only some hours later that you’ll be guided on the northern lights tour. But the piece of resistance are the lake jeep tours around Lake Myvatn, the second jeep tour being even more famous and challenging, around Eyjafjallaokull area. Besides the obvious reasons for which you should really take this option into consideration, there’s the perfect service providing, the punctilious organizing when the hosts take anything into consideration for you to feel as relaxed as possible, including the free use of mobile phone and some credit for you to make phone calls, in the standard package.


Whatever your passions and interests are, it’s impossible not to be attracted by at least one of these two directions. But the offering’s really abundant, as we initially mentioned, so in case you decide you want to opt for another package or to mix two or many shorter packages, this is also an option, although we thoroughly recommend making reservations through agencies, so that you’ll have really nothing to worry about during your stay.

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