Kaikoura-New Zealand’s own paradise


Boredom and anxiety spare no one. These two beguiling emotions are reason enough to lead you from a dull, monotonous life to altogether new escapades. The harbinger from the kingdom of monarch- anxiousness has finally decreed for you to pack up your bags and fly in from various parts of the world to Kaikoura. This place has an enormous appetite for people coming in from all whereabouts of life in search of peace, tranquility, scenic beauty and not to forget, adventure.

With the encroaching civilizations, it has become mandatory to take ourselves apart from the common din and hustle-bustle and experience what is in store for us in Kaikoura, New Zealand.  Nature endows Kaikoura with the most exquisite beauty that it can. With mountains and water all round, the town presents a beautiful landscape to its tourists. The seaward Kaikoura Mountains, one of the branches of Southern Alps at a point come to meet the sea.  It is also to say that it an environmentally conscious place with achieving the Green Globe Benchmark status in 2002, the second in the world to do so.

If you are someone like me, who thoroughly enjoys the adrenaline rush; Kaikoura gives you ample chances to experiment it. The adventure tours in the place are simply magnificent. There is diving, hiking, surfing, rafting, skiing and many more to count. One of the most sought after activity is the whale-watching. Different organizations in the area have arranged for whale watching through airplanes and cruises. Watching whales diving and especially the Sperm whale is a prerogative in itself. With these there are also horse trekking, Llama trekking, fishing, art and craft exhibitions, Golf and numerous others.

The cuisine of Kaikoura has a call to everyone. One cannot wait to sink their teeth into it. Since Kaikoura is primarily a marine land, it abounds in sea food. There is Cod, Paua, Oysters, Prawns, Crayfish, Crab and others.  Added attraction to the sea food lovers is the sea food festival where there is plenty of wine and food, which in a certain way is a celebration of the much adored local sea food in the region. For all those wine connoisseurs there is the ‘Kaikoura winery’. It caters to the wine lovers the best and also the award winning wines throughout the world.

If it is time you would want to spend relaxing there is nothing more pampering than a Spa or a body massage which Kaikoura offers. You also have the choice of reading to yourself by the seaside which is both serene and godly plus is as relaxing and as communicative as a massage itself.

The other important must-do is the accommodation in Kaikoura. Your bookings can be done online and there are many accommodations in and around Kaikoura to cater to your needs.

Then what is the waiting for? Get you and your family booked and derive this inexplicable pleasure in Kaikoura.

Author bio: Written by Jessica from Kaikoura TOP 10 Holiday Park.

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