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Laze on Best European Beaches This Summer

European countries possess the charm and fascination that vibrate a visitor sitting miles away. You should not look further than Europe if you wish that your beach vacations are spent by lazing on a white sandy beach with swinging palm trees, crystal clear blue water to soothe your eyes and a gentle warm breeze to hug you.

Read about some of the world’s glistening sands, twinkling waters and alluring coastal getaways that line the edges of Europe.

Porto Vecchio, France

porto-vecchioPorto-Vecchio is a town in Corsica recognized for easy access to enchanting beaches and beautiful mountain scenery. However, people are greatly drawn for luxury vacations in this town because of several stunning beaches in the bays. Fine sandy beaches accompanied with the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean embellished by pine forests are the true elements of wondrous holidays. Besides, you can have charming times on the beaches located to the south of Porto Vecchio. Palombaggia is one of the many beaches positioned there and renowned internationally for its beauty and child-friendly features. Besides, you can also laze around the Santa Gulia beach. Enjoy beach and adventurous activities at Cala Rossa, Saint-Cyprien and Pinarellu, which are located to the north of the Corsica.

Rugen Island, Germany

rugen islandBest place to sleep on the sand; Rugen Island has managed to attract tourists from centuries to holidays on glittering sands. Rügen is famous for luxury retreats as there are many romantic seaside resorts and spas offering spectacular landscapes. The mile long beach dons leafy vegetation and cruise the island by passing beneath the lush canopies of chestnut, oak, elm and poplar trees. Spend your time by exploring the national parks or nature reserves.


Gotland, Sweden

gotland swedenExperience luxury holidays in Europe at Gotland in Sweden. Reach this island 500 miles of stunning Baltic Coastline through ferry or plane. It is positioned 120 miles south east to Stockholm and gained popularity amongst visitors for summer coastal vacations where you can get indulged in several adventurous activities and visit beautiful attractions. The island boasts more than 100 nature reserves, which lends intense experience of the nature’s beauty and refreshes your sense when you view dramatic cliffs, rare birds, bogs and marshes are protected for future generations. Visby, capital of Gotland is accredited as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Other entertaining features at Gotland that contribute to make luxury adventure holidays are boat tours, glass blowing, cycle tours, fossil safaris, fascinating rock stacks, historic guided tours, underground caves, steam trains, canoeing / kayaking, horse adventures and sea fishing.


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Writing on various travelling experiences is liked Will Smith. He loves to make people aware about various facts and also detail them about luxury adventure holidays. Above mentioned post explains about spending fun-filled luxury holidays in Europe.


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