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Must see underrated National Parks

  • Pueblo Bonito, New Mexico


1The architecture of this place is overwhelming for all those who study anthropology, as well as for the ones who might visit the surroundings. The over 600 rectangular rooms which cluster the area used to serve for dwelling and storage during 1000 and 1150 and are built in on multiple levels. The overall aspect of the place is a semicircular shape embodying all these mound rooms. This style is typical for the Chacoan region of the time, but of all the archeological evidence, this place is by far the most significant and amazingly looking as well.

New Mexico

One of the things that make the place even more legendary is that, even though the rooms were attributed to have been populated by families or clans back then, inside very few of them there were really found proof of their habitation. Nonetheless, the Pabloan population today still believes that Pueblo Bonito is the local place of their ancestors.
By the Chaco population nowadays it is believed that the place served for ceremonies as it was a place of gathering, where experiences and knowledge were shared. The preservation of all the three thousand pieces of the structures is pretty hard to do, since such a monument can’t be rebuilt, nor restored.


  • Great Basin National Park, Nevada


sigheWhile the name might make you think you’re about to see a park formed in one large basin – as the name would naturally suggest – you’re actually going to experience sightseeing a unit formed from over 90 smaller basins and rivers that flow inland. And if you like mountains, mostly cool or cold weather, alpine lakes, mountainous vegetation, limestone caverns and a minimalistic glacier environment, this is the place to be. Open all year, the park is so poorly visited, despite its beauty, that the perfectly natural eyesight is a great place if you want to run from the bustle of the city.


The park also provides telescopes for the visitors who want to admire the astronomical wonders from the nature during the entire summertime. If the sky is clear and cloudless, the Milky Way can be seen with the naked eye from the park. The sweeping views of the glacial moraines and the range country, as well as the sensation that the entire landscape is taken out of the Ice Age movies and turned into a natural settlement makes you wonder why the place is so poorly visited.


  • Wrangell–St. Elias National Park and Preserve, Alaska

 T3.1he place’s name comes from the two mountains forming its spine. If you always wanted to see the spectacular areas carved by glaciers or remnant volcanoes, you shouldn’t miss the majesty of this sight. It is the place where you don’t get to negotiate the beauty in the eyes of the beholder, for you only get to acknowledge it, confirmed every step.




The free flowing rivers and the genuineness of the view are only some of the arguments to add on the wild charm and beauty of the preserve. Its greatness doesn’t, thus, only come from the astonishingly beautiful sights, the park being six times bigger than the great Yellowstone.






  • Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia


It has been named a natural park in 1959, due to the great importance of the landscape and the geographical placement. The sixteen lakes it interlinks are surrounded by a forest complex which turns the scenery into a natural marvel, also one of the most beautiful genuine beauties along the entire Europe.

Although the Croatian park has been a tourism center since the last half of the nineteenth century, it has never been appreciated to its fullest merits. The turquoise lakes are linked by waterfalls and cascades.

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