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Top 7 Music Festivals Down Under

Big day out festival

Massive Big Day Out festival in Australia

Music festivals have earned themselves a tag of being the most anticipated events of the year. A party with amazing food, drink, women and dance will have people stand up and take note. Australia has played a massive role in building an image of some of the most sought after year-round music bashes held in the country. If you have not been to an event this year, gear up as we help you uncover the best musical delights of next year’s calendar.

The St Jeromea Laneway Festival

Since its inception in2004, the laneway festival has grown in leaps and folds to become the best musical event of the year. This is a party that celebrates musical genres like indie pop and Rock. The small laneways and urban passages throughout each city erupt into a musical volcano during the days of the festival. What makes it special is the intimacy of the summer sun along with an electrifying atmosphere. The event is tipped to become an iconic cultural event of Australia. Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne are locations that witness the festivities, the event will be held in between the months of February and March.

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Splendors in the grass, Belongil fields

A Musical festival located in Belongil Fields is home to the splendor weekend; with a reputation of dragging folks from different parts of the country. The national attention received by the Byron’s Wintertime bash is perhaps justified with good reasons. This is a festival known to have the best international line ups of the year along with a range of musical genres that include Rock, electro, hip-hop, and alternative. Set against the back drop of Byron bay with an aura of granola- crunching and open air yoga sessions, the event is an absolute joy. Make sure you carry your boots and book your accommodations early in either Byron or Ballina. The festival is scheduled for late July.

The Meredith Music Festival and the case of the three N’s

Held in the month of December the Meredith music festival might resemble an art exhibition. The three rules of “No glass, No bean bags, No dickheads” resembles a slogan! As one of the oldest music festivals held in the country, with a combination of experimental acts and the Bronx held simultaneously, musical genres on display include Art rock, electro, and rock. The intimacy of the festival is maintained with the help of a regional Victorian setting. Meredith, Victoria hosts the festival during the month of December.

The Falls Festival- New Years bash!



The Falls Festival is one of the most important events on the Australian music calendar. A set of performances takes place simultaneously in Tasmania and Victoria before the New Year’s Eve swap. The quality of international acts includes Santigold, The Kooks, The Yeah Yeahs, and Grizzly Bears, announced in the last few years. The Marion Bay offers a perfect summer campsite overlooking the ocean. The locations for the festivities are Lorne, Victoria, Marion Bay and Tasmania.

The Big Day Out

The wide range of musical genres seen at the celebration includes bands such as Nirvana, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and You Am I. This is the premier music bash of the continent, being Australia’s “Mainstream” and most accessible music festival. The event contains a mixture of the Surry hills elite and topless patriots, giving you a chance to make a bit of your own fun. The organizers know exactly what the crowds want and do an incredible job! The festivities are held through-out the continent in locations such as Adelaide, Auckland, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. The event is scheduled for late January to February.

The Sound wave Festival

The Sound wave festival can guarantee a magical experience, with music genres that include metal, Punk, hardcore, pop, and punk. The recent years have witnessed gigs from Lamb of God and Nine Inch Nails. The festival is far from the best, yet it witnesses long queues at the entrance gates. The locations for the events are Adelaide, Auckland, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. The event is scheduled to take place between the months of February and March.

The Parklife Trance

parklife trance festival australia


The parklife festival consists of a very youthful crowd, most there to witness entering a musical festival. In keeping with the expectations of the crowd parklife remains firmly grounded as a go-to dance genre festival. The festivities are at times paired with a raging post-festival party. The festivities are witnessed at Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth Melbourne and Sydney. The tickets are reasonable, priced approximately at $129 and it is held in the month of October.

The sprawling festival sites along with a pinch of the Australian sun, life cannot get any better! Australia is a paradise for music lovers no matter the choice of genre. The number of music festivals and their quality are only to be envied as a blessing.


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