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Freedom means a lot in our lives, especially because we are accustomed to it. It was given to (most of) us the day we were born, in a form or another. You don’t necessarily have to be that kind of person who smiles when seeing a sunset or an old couple walking hand in hand to understand that freedom is truly priceless. And you know what?! It might even happen to love it just because you feel powerful having it, not that you’d really use those rights you have. An example? A friend of mine always wanted to go to Netherlands because it’s the place where absolutely everything is legal; as long as it doesn’t involve a chainsaw. You’d probably expect her to have done many “naughty” things when she got there. Guess what?! She didn’t. She just felt more comfortable knowing that she could do that or that even if she didn’t need/want to.

One of those countries so well known for their legal drugs is Netherlands, mentioned above. You might be asking now: yes, but why Netherlands? Because, as I was saying, there are other legal things to experience or just see, gaining this way life experience and also enlarging your horizons. You can also try to cross the barrier of your life-style and just enjoy the sight. Even if some do criticize this country for its indulgence, others seem more interested in finding out as much as possible about things such as euthanasia or prostitution. And, of course, some take it as a wonderland for its gorgeous landscapes. The tulip has become a loved symbol of this litigious country, showing purity and serenity.

Besides getting high(in a perfect legal way) you can also visit famous cities like Rotterdam(the second biggest port in the world). Another important thing to visit would be the Peace Palace in The Hague, home of many judicial national and international institutions, including the International Court of Justice. A the target of many law students all over the world, this place is the house of the rights. If you make the choice to visit Utrecht too, then you’ll have the opportunity to see a couple of imposing museums such as the National Museum which is impressive for its collection of musical instruments or the Central Museum, famous for the items thought to date from the Middle Ages.

Even if drugs might not be legal in some places, you can still consume, if you know where to ask for it. A propper place is, of course, Jamaica. Police don’t really give a shit about people smoking weed in public places. Be it Kingston, Mandeville, Negril or Ocho, you WILL have a great time. Besides, you can also go shopping, Kingston being internationally known for its range of shops, markets and services. As there are lots of clubs, bars and pubs, you will certainly find a way of an entertaining programme. It’s here where you can find The Rotunda, a modern entertainment complex built on four levels, which sounds perfect for a visitor trying to spend his time in a pleasant way.

Another place to go is Argentina, where supposedly consuming cannabis is legal, although you may not buy or sell, grow it or smoke in public places. If you possess more than 5 grams and the Police stop, it won’t be your best day ever. The truth is that legislation doesn’t stop some people from smoking in parks, parking lots or other public places, but they are supposed to have assumed their responsibility for their facts. Besides getting high, you may also visit lots of interesting things. The so called “land of six continents”, one of the biggest countries in the world, Argentina may offer you the great pleasure of admiring Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, or the Iguazu Falls,  taller and wider than Niagara Falls. Nature is the perfect place for those people living in the big cities. It helps you chill out and see things in a totally different way.

If three places aren`t enough for you, there’s no problem, as long as Ecuador exists. In this country you are allowed to carry two marijuana cigarettes, although growing and selling are prohibited. Another good reason for you to go to Ecuador are the comfortable prices. You can make a short trip to the Galapagos Islands, which belong to that country. It could also be an interesting way of improving your Spanish. You can also visit MAAC, an Anthropological and Contemporary Art Museum, which was inaugurated in 2004. It holds impressive archaeological and art items.

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