Quiet, but spectacular: scuba diving in the Maldives

Maldive Beauty
Photo by nattu
The Maldives, made of a group of atolls, are situated in the Indian Ocean and consist of over one thousand islets. In Maldive’s waters you can find an abundance of marine life, which makes this place the perfect place for scuba diving. The most beautiful things to be done in Maldives are the night dives when the reefs get very active. As mentioned above, the marine life is extraordinary and the reefs form exciting labyrinths for you to visit when scuba diving in Maldives; however you will not find too many shipwrecks there. There are some wrecks to be found here, but most aren’t very very interesting, not the most common anyway, sorry if this messed up your plans!


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Maldive fish
Photo by Ze Eduardo

The best period for scuba diving in the Maldives Islands is between December and March because the visibility is the best and the humidity is very low. Between May and August the visibility is reduced but on May you can meet whale sharks, it’s all about cycles, every season gives beauty a chance to expose itself. The diverse life existing in those waters determine more and more tourists to visit Maldives for scuba diving. Although corals were affected by El Nino, they are quickly recovering and the number of fish species is also increasing so you will find there an amazing life that will fascinate your eyes.


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You can do both drift diving and shore dives if you want. Of course, when you do drift dives you will have to be careful with the depth and to get with you an SMB. If you want to visit wrecks when scuba diving in Maldives you can do that too but you will be more interested in the life found there than in the shipwrecks themselves. If the main reason for your vacation to Maldives is to practice scuba diving then you should choose a live aboard. This way, you will have access to more dive sites of Maldives and you will have the chance to get there at the proper moments for meeting lots of species of fish. You will have to pay more for these services but you will get to see great scuba diving sites depending on the weather conditions.


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The Maldives Islands are quiet so you will be very relaxed on this scuba diving vacation if that is what you want. The Maldives is the smallest country from Asia when it comes to its population so it is no wonder it is a silent place to go for scuba. However the tourism system is increasing and nowadays this is the most important way for the country to make money. For those who want to get relaxed and forget about the routine of every day life, snorkeling in Maldives can be the perfect choice. Book a spot at one of the numerous Maldives Resorts and you’ll be set.

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