Sun and dance at Ibiza’s DC-10

Luciano One of the best clubs in Ibiza in my humble opinion has got to be DC-10. Situated at the end of Ibiza airport’s runway, and is even named after the DC-10 passenger plane. The DC-10 club is a covered terrace that has a capacity of around 1500 people. The terrace used to be uncovered when the club opened in 1999, which was crazy as during the all day parties the planes would feel like they were almost about to land on your head, and even the brute force of the very ample sound system could not block out the thunderous growl of a 747! Although this did give the parties something of an ‘edge’, a little dangerous excitement, I guess they decided that it was time to cover it up as not to distract from its fundamental cause; dance!

What’s going on at Ibiza DC-10 this summer???

This year there is very little on the calendar of the DC-10, apart from the weekly event Circo Loco, every Monday. There is only one other event called ‘Better Late Than Never’ on a Wednesday but that is all for now. I’m sure as summer approaches the calendar will become fuller, but there is a lot of talk and second guessing on most of the popular Ibiza blogs, and a lot of general anticipation. I think general anticipation is always present this time of year anyhow, just because everybody is getting geared up ready for the summer, and worrying about fitting as many awesome parties as possible into their schedules whilst being on the ‘White Isle’.

Circo Loco is where its at!

It may be predominantly Circo Loco in DC-10 in the calendar, but it is without question the best event that happens there. It is the clubbers start to the week, and its opening party for 2012 is kicking off on the 28th May. It is an integral happening of the Ibiza club scene and one not to be missed. As well as the terrace which faces the huge (often lined with gorgeous dancers) DJ Booth, the DC-10 has the obligatory smoking area (or talking area as I like to call it), plus a further 2 dance floors. Its décor tends to chance season to season and is the antithesis of all the other Ibiza clubs, which is nice as it gives it a feeling of individuality.

Get your tickets now!

DC-10 was the iconic club of the 00’s, Circo Loco being the driving force behind it. It is an Italian inspired affair, a rave super-club of monolithic proportions. 2009 and 2010 saw enforced closures for those years, so last year the greatly missed party was avidly welcomed back with open arms, as it is very much has always been at the beating heart of Ibiza rave culture. The Circo Loco starts on Monday morning and generally goes right the way through to the wee hours of Tuesday morning. You can expect beautiful podium dancers, the best in current rave, Techno and house with some of the finest DJ’s in the world, amazing visual shows and just a general revelation in your clubbing experience.

Kelly is a frequently partygoer to Ibiza’s shores and tries to make it out there with her friends at least once in the summer, click here for some great villas that make group holidays even cheaper!

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