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Sweetest holidays. The most memorable experiences for chocolate lovers


The most amazing holidays are the ones where there are no restrictions whatsoever. Following this thought, any woman alive would simply love to go somewhere where not only the cultural heritage is stunning, but it’s good to know you’ve got something really personal to hang on to in case all the other things fail to make you happy. The good thing here is that the world is full of special cakes and cookies wrapped in chocolate waiting to be savored. And while many cities of the world claim to be the best in satisfying everybody’s needs for good-quality sweets, let’s narrow it down to the truly must amazing places to enjoy a chocolate paradise.


This city of Belgium is the perfect place for whoever believes that chocolate’s not just something that you’ve got to eat when you’re depressed, but rather a life style. And only a true chocolate lover would appreciate all the 16 chocolate museums, a number of over 2,100 chocolate shops and, of course, the 12 chocolate factories. And since we’re all in love with this majestic dessert, if you’re heading to the museum you’ll have some free samples at the end – when you’ll already know the entire history of processing the cocoa beans.

Special tip: Don’t get too involved in visiting literally everything that’s related to chocolate, because you’ll miss some of the best things. For instance, don’t leave Bruges without going to The Chocolate line, by far the most refined and coquettish chocolate shop. Once you’re here, go for the wildest combination of flavors, the Asian Confetti, a bonbon with rice vinegar, caramel, soy sauce,  praline of sesame seed, popping candy and sansho pepper. It’s going to be the most distinguished dessert that Belgium could welcome his travelers with.


Ok, we understand, you didn’t expect to see this one on the list, especially not this high. But although it may not be the most famous destination for chocolate addicts, it’s clearly one of the most sophisticated ones. Plus, combining the most phenomenal chocolate with a Mediterranean cruise is what, in our mind, makes a hell of a holiday. The flavor of rusted nuts, cocoa and caramel is going to guide you straight through the wooden doors of Bomboneria Pons. Not just a chocolate shop, but more of a chocolate shrine, this is where you’ll fall for Pistachio Pearl – one of the locals’ most guilty pleasures, filled with grean, pearly powder and filled with half a pistachio.

Special tip: Traveling rules say you shouldn’t miss the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, and walking in a Catalonian’s shoes clearly implies going to La Pallaresa, a café where you’ll feast from a rich, flavored drinking chocolate along with churros con chocolate, the local hundred-proof specialty. Only a sip from this drink and you’ll notice that it’s so different in taste, texture and consistence then every other drinking chocolate you’ve ever had.


Because you can’t be classy and fashioned without knowing the power of true chocolate places, you’ll know that not only pastries can be associated with this fabulously complex city. A world-class chocolate shop is Jean Paul Hevins, which would totally stand out just by the amazingly prosperous in the spectrum of choices. The legend says that no one ever left this place without tasting at least one of the abounding assortments.

Special tip: Looking for something classy, famous and designed to make the average people sigh? You’re definitely going to love Debauve&Gallais.Yes, we know you’ve heard of them but that you’re about to find out is that they’re worth the €500 that you’ll sometimes see on the etiquette. Crème Brûlée with infused chocolate butter is what you’d most like to spend your money on, one of the best national specialties.


Who would’ve thought that Mexico would stick in the collective memory as one of the most original chocolatier’s birthplaces? And as you’ll figure once you’re there, reputation doesn’t maintain itself from nothing. It takes the daily work of thousands of people to make this place attract thousands of thousands of tourists just for the sake of desserts. Since I’ve been recommending all kinds of sweets, it’s only fair to make some time for drinks. A local masterpiece (because – yes – God knows it’s the result of artistic creation!) is Tejate. Toasted maize flour and water don’t sound as bad when combined with fermented cocoa beans, especially if you’re trying it with some syrup to make it sweeter. And if you’re thinking that this is weird, than you definitely have no idea how delicious it tastes.

Special tip: Mina Street, the best place for the connaisseurs. A varied congregation of chocolatiers is what’s going to make even the most pretentious, skeptical tourist want to come back. The locals’ favorite place here is Café Mayodormo and less than 5 minutes will give you a plain explanation why: great service, savory dishes, the most flavored coffee in town. Honestly, it can’t get any better!


Yes, Italy’s former capital still has some personality to show off with. The chocolate here’s not just good, it’s simply legendary. Chioccolato Caldo here doesn’t have just a fancy name, it’s delectable, and if you go to Historic Caffè Torino you can also try Cafè al Bicerin, it’s a concoction of national espresso with cream and hot chocolate.

Special tip: Because we heard you like special events, the annual Choccolatò festival is held here, an entire week of feasting the best chocolate sortiments just before Easter. Not convinced? There’s not only a treasure hunt where you have to find gianduiotti (chocolate with hazzlenut flavor, boatshaped), but an entire chocolate factory is set in Piazza Vittorio Veneto.

Of course, depending on the level of addiction that you’ve got, you may need something more content-oriented. The Eurochocolate Festival and Casa Del Cioccolato in Perugia, Italy. As opposed to the previous Italian festival, this one doesn’t only last a week, but from the 14th  to 23rd of October. The good thing is – summer being passed – that you won’t even have to be that careful on calories. Chocolate salami, chocolate pasta, an entire heaven for insatiable cravings is what expects you here.

Special tip: Be the best addict in town! Stay at Chocohotel, world’s first hotel dedicated not just to tourists but to chocolate and their addiction on the theme as well.

Santa Lucia

Next stop is where all the world’s stereotypes would say that an island as small couldn’t bring that much happiness to a huge amount of people. And since stereotypes are generally wrong, so is this one. If you’ve ever planned a concept of a dream vacation and you’re a chocolate lover, the good news is this country’s willing to give you some experiences you wouldn’t even dare thinking about. And since it requires some creativity for whoever loves all kinds of chocolate combinations, here’s where you can make your own. And we’re not even kidding. A Tree to Bar class is what separates you from being authorized to design your own flavored chocolate, from rusting your beans to eating it all without anybody even noticing.

Special tip: Boucan by Hotel Chocolat is something luscious and distinctive for anyone who’s had enough mediocre chocolate experiences and wants to live something bold. The rain forest’s going to make you forget of all the problems at home, and the service and the activities here are simply designed to make people happy.

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