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The best holiday – a stoner’s guide to countries where weed is legal

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Especially if you’re under the age of thirty, but it’s not a rule, you probably take into consideration other things than the general usual before taking a trip. This is how you’re maybe not interested solely in the weather, museums, coffee houses and the lowest prices of hostels, but more. Taking a trip is very often associated with fun. And, like it or not, most of us think that soft drugs are one of the most personal and rebel way of celebrating.

And since we can’t really afford going to prison because of our conceptions of good parties, here are the most weed-friendly countries where you can plan your trip if consuming cannabis on a foreign country’s on your check list.

10. North Korea

Yes, it did seem a little counter-intuitive for us as well, but as it seems this country’s the only one worldwide where cannabis is completely legal in absolutely any quantity whatsoever. Despite of the major abuses that do happen in this country under the regime of King Jong Un, a fact is clear – cannabis is not classified as a drug of any kind. You shouldn’t be a complete stoner if you decide to take a trip to North Korea, though. It doesn’t have the reputation as one of the most friendliest places. You can, however, come here and try to observe the particularities of the regime, for instance.

It’s possible to casually smoke some weed, but don’t make it a daily activity of your trip here, because it’s really not the safest place. On the contrary, if you weren’t planning on visiting this country before reading the article, don’t! Unless you’ve got a particular interest for dysfunctional societies, or happen to have amazing friends here, you can avoid the place or at least be extra careful. Also, take into consideration the flights – not all the planes that are programed course when they’re supposed to, and there can be delays and even cancellations because of all the controls.

9. Cambodia

Technically speaking, here it’s illegal consuming anything related to cannabis. Nevertheless, we’d strongly recommend a stoner’s holiday here. Weed is very openly both sold and consumed in public, without any fears of repercussion. There have been many tentatives of taking it off the market, but the government decided it’s not only impossible, they don’t even care that much if people do consume soft drugs casually.

To make you an image of how openly you can smoke marijuana here, imagine that there are lots of restaurants in the capital and not exclusively here where you’ll have the great opportunity of serving dishes cooked with it. It’s sometimes served as e separate side dish as well. The great thing about it is that it’s not even that expensive for something that’s presumably illegal. Moreover, because of the massive consumption and the national economy for a foreigner this place is going to be a special sort of heaven on earth.

8. Jamaica

Well, to be honest, a little Rastafarian culture and some Bob Marley hits never killed anyone. Plus, if you’re passionate about smoking pot you probably already listen to reggae music, at least once in a while. Bottom line? You’ll integrate here perfectly. This place does have a worldwide reputation as being one of the most (if not the most) welcoming place for people who seek for all kinds of experiences related to inner peace and which involve marijuana.

If you’ve searched online and you’re now confused because Wikipedia maybe told you it’s illegal to consume, produce or sell cannabis here, you’ve done your homework quite well. In theory, people are not supposed to even know how it looks like. In practice, however, because of the major cultural relevance that weed has on the Rastafarian culture, large consume is accepted and there’s no penalty in most of the cases. In case you get caught, especially as a foreigner, you’ll probably have to pay some insignificant fine and everything’s going to be ok. By the time you’re not stoned anymore, you won’t even remember the incident.

It is safe, if safety’s what you’re looking for. Plus, because of the expertise of the connoisseur, you’ll smoke the most amazing things you’ve only heard of from How High or different kinds of urban myths, so get ready!

7. Ecuador

Don’t cultivate (but as a tourist we don’t think that’s going to be a problem) and don’t sell any cannabis, because it’s truly illegal, and not just officially. As about consumption, since the country’s on the list, it means that at least a personal, decent amount of weed didn’t kill anyone and it’s not going to upset the police officers either. What’s over 10g, however, it’s past tolerated and you should be careful with that. Otherwise, you’ll be considered a consumer – which we suppose you are – and there’ll be no further consequences other than having a great time.

The situation’s different than Spain’s though. Not even the cultivation of small personal amounts is tolerated, so you’d better not hang out with dealers if you want to be outside any danger. Because of the lobbying that’s been heavily made from a critical mass, since 2013 consumption is being tolerated and you, as a simple tourist who’s come to enjoy sunny weather while getting stoned, can have fun in peace.

6. Peru

Pretty similar to Ecuador. Of course, the voices of legalizing marijuana are not as popular here, and this hasn’t been transformed into a major public issue. However, everything under 8g is being accepted and popularly understood as destinated to consumption. Therefore, if you’re planning on going to chill along Iquitos on the Amazon, this destination (much better than Brazil’s, by the way) is also going to offer you the possibility of smoking pot while enjoying your time with the nature. The road to Machu Picchu is not only paved with good intentions, but amazing hostels where people get stoned and you can have fun within the imposed limits we spoke of previously.

5. Spain

The situation here gets a little tricky. Under no circumstance should you sell, consume or grow cannabis in public places and if you’re caught doing any of these you’re certainly going to be sorry while in prison. On the other hand, cultivation and possession for personal use only and in the comfort of your home is not being punished. In other words, keep it in your private property (or one of your friends’) and you’re just as fine.

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This country hosts a concept called ‘Social Cannabis Clubs’ as well, where people make from the cultivation of cannabis a well organized activity. The clubs do require memberships, but if you’ve already done the networking it’s not that hard to find people who can obtain great-quality weed. From accountability to health and safety, everything’s being taken care of inside these clubs, so once you’ve got your entrance here it’s really easy to get stoned whenever you wish – and consume one of the best joints you’ve ever had the chance to.

4. Uruguay

Behold. Both possession and consume are legal here, as long as they’re for personal use. We’re not entirely sure what the personal amount is (in our defense, neither does the government specify), but as long as you’ll keep it under decent limits and try not to drop joints off your pockets every two steps on the street, you should be fine.

The good thing is people here also know how to have fun – and this statement is based on non-drug related amazing things and events that happen here. So, once again, a stoner’s trip to Uruguay is the best thing to do these days. The law regulation soft drugs consumption is somehow new and it lacks some specifications, but as a tourist you shouldn’t be having any problems.

3. Czech Republic

Since 2010, cultivation of small, personal amounts of soft drugs was decriminalized here as well, which makes this country a true heaven of cannabis. Prague is a wonderful city in itself and you should really give it at least a week when you’re making the plans for your holiday. If you’re planning on smoking some good joints and meet new people, 10 days may not even be enough.

Yes, the place is this cool for someone who’s heading here to have some good-quality fun. And by quality we don’t only mean the drugs (although cannabis here’s some good stuff!), but the city and its monuments as well. Guaranteed, you won’t just like it because you’ll be stoned most of the times. People who come and visit it sober are as happy.  

5 plants. This is how much you’re tolerated to grow, at once, for personal use. And if you keep a low profile, there won’t be any problem with the authorities. This country also uses marijuana for medical treatment, so even being sick in the Czech Republic doesn’t sound that dull now, does it? This new progressive way of thinking is going great here – people who do consume on a regular basis or even on special occasions don’t have to fear about the quality of the joints they may be buying, because weed directly from the streets isn’t this popular anymore. However, you will certainly find some nice people willing to make your trip worth your while, so don’t worry!

2. Portugal

25 grams is a lot. And it’s tolerated as long as you’ll declare it’s for personal use only. Don’t worry, the police officers won’t bat an eyelash because they’re used to high-class stoners who consume soft drugs every day. In theory it’s not legal, but practically nobody really cares much, as long as you’re not trying to show off. Just relax, take your time, enjoy the heavenly scenery and all is good.

Just so you know, being arrested for possession isn’t a story that ends in prison, but in compulsory rehab. It’s what authorities believe they should be doing in order to be as responsible for the drug control actions. Which is even weirder since in 2001 there was a law decriminalizing all drugs. All for the best, at least there’s no possibility of going to prison. And rehab is even less likely if you do try and keep a low profile.

1. Finally, Netherlands

Amsterdam is internationally known as the place where people go when they want to get high, no strings attached. Its reputation for prostitution and soft drugs made it very popular and it’s responsible for the huge number of tourists coming here annually.

However, it’s pretty unusual when it comes to the laws and rules of consuming, especially as a tourists. Because Netherlands has become the country of weed instead of the country of tulips, the authorities are doing the best they can to stop the tourists (really, to diminish the number of them) who only come here to get high.

Hemp Museum, Amsterdam

While every coffee shop (you should, by now, understand this is not a place where you solely drink coffee) can have an approximate amount of 500 grams for sale, the law says that growing cannabis is illegal, which sort of makes it appear like the weed comes from heaven, not from a dealer. Anyway, 500 grams outside a coffee shop is huge and you won’t get away with it, but 5 grams in public and approximately 30 in a private property should be ok if you do keep a low profile and state, if asked, that it’s for private use only. These small amounts are not quite legal, but they’re tolerated and decriminalized, so there should be no problem as long as you don’t start randomly sharing them on the street.

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