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The Best Seafood in New Zealand



Where else would one try the best seafood if not in New Zealand. Surrounded by water, New Zealand proves to be the ideal location to experiment with seafood. From crabs and fish to scallops mussels, New Zealand has it all.

The Mussel Pot

Everyone who comes to Mussel Pot can be assured of a plethora of options. From vegetarian to non-vegetarian to seafood delicacies, the Mussel Pot can give you all.

Akaroa Cooking School

For those super-enthusiasts who not only wish to devour classic food but also learn how to cook a masterpiece, Akaroa Cooking School is the place! Akaroa Cooking School is famous for the freshness of the produce used and the expertise of its cooks. With a direct view of the harbor, what better place could there be to appreciate and cook some great seafood.

Fleur’s place

Located at the water-front of the old jetty, Fleur’s is a three in one location. A restaurant, a café and a bar. Fleur’s place specialises in using produce straight from the Moeraki Bay fishing boats. The surprising bit about Fleurs place is the ‘place’ itself. The whole restaurant is made from gathered collectables and demolition material. With the ambience of a whaling station (it was established near one), Fleur’s place is a great place to enjoy fresh seafood with great wines and even better ambience.

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Caravan Seafood

Who has heard of Green fish? Not many I am sure. But you will, once you step into New Zealand. The fish isn’t green, the shells are -green lipped and hence the Green Fish. Available everywhere and anywhere, but the best mussels that a visitor to New Zealand can enjoy are at Patrick Hibell’s caravan on Cullen Pint Lookout, Located halfway between Picton and Havelock. Patrick’s Caravan offers mussels with a splash of oil and a drop of Italian Whit Vinegar, in a pretty generous quantity.

Another great Caravan option is Nin’s Bin and Cay’s Crays in Kaikoura. They offer scallop and crayfish sandwiches that are not only B innovative but also filling and delicious.

Mussel Inn

Located in Onekaka, Golden Bay, Mussel Inn is a homely warm restaurant famous for its fresh steamed mussels. Its thick mussel chowder, steak, fish and vegetarian options also garner appropriate amount of praise and appreciation. They also provide homemade wines and many other similarly prepared beverages.

Bluff Oysters

Bluff oysters are oysters that are grown in the Foveaux Strait. Extremely tasty and the object of many competitions, Bluff Oysters are a must try. You can get these oysters from the fish and chip shop from the wharf. Best part is that you can go in for seconds (try the ones with cracks that can’t be sold in restaurants).

Author bio: Jessica is a New Zealand-based travel blogger who loves to explore every corner of the country. 

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