The Country Of The Sun

800px-cabopino_beach_costa_del_sol_spain_2005.jpgWhile I’m sure you’re aware of the land of the free, it’s a pretty common phrase, have you ever heard of the land of the sun? Well, you may not have, but then again you probably have at some point. The Costa del Sol, whose name means ‘Coast of the sun’, has recently become rather well known as an excellent destination, both for holidays and retirement.

If you are planning on buying a holiday home, or just taking a vacation, the sun-lit shores of Spain is the perfect location for you. Usually, when looking to buy a holiday property, there is some negative factor to be considered. Maybe the locals are unfriendly, or the area is the frequent target of earthquakes or hurricanes. Not on the sunny shores of Spain though.

balcon-europa-view2.jpg Any holiday activity you might be interested in is available, from lounging on the beach to a night at a theater. In fact, if the beach is really what you want, you might consider going in the winter- it never really gets cold, but there are a lot less tourists to contend with. Certainly you’ll never see any snow. Unless, that is, you want to… then you can head to one of the nearby mountains, for whatever snow sport you wish.


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To be honest with you, I suppose that there is one disadvantage. The countryside is so attractive, you might not be willing to leave. Which would be a real tragedy for whatever company you work for in your home town. To give you one example, the Costa del Sol city of Marbella is renowned for its quality nightlife, including high class theaters which are (naturally) showing an ever-changing selection of shows.

In addition to the more common holiday options, there are also a variety of more unusual options. the most obvious being the ever popular mountains, of course, where you can ski in the winter, or hang glide and mountain bike in the summer. Or even just go on a long hike through the verdant forests. Whatever you desire, its your holiday!


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golf2.jpg Closer to the ocean, you can go horseback riding, tour the safari parks and zoos, or spend the day at Tivoli World – one of the biggest fun parks in Spain,  something wonderful for your inner child! Not just this, but the fact that Costa del Sol is host to over 50 golf courses, some of which are the popular worldwide. If safari isn’t your thing, then you might be interested in playing on some of the worlds most beautiful greens.

When you get to the shore, you’ll find every water sport you could ever want is there for you to try. Though I really don’t think that swimming with dolphins qualifies as a sport as such, there is certainly a lot of variety. I advise you to take the chance to sample scuba diving if you haven’t done it before. It is well worth the effort.

If you only have the chance to take one long holiday, I can absolutely recommend that you take it in Spain. Costa del Sol is a beautiful area, with plenty to do, and I can guarantee you wont be disappointed – just allow yourself plenty of time totry it all. To make it even better, it can now be reached by a direct flight from almost every major city, and if you are wanting an investment you might–just–be able to pick up a place there before the price goes through the roof.

Article written by a colleague from Costa del Sol properties

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