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Three most impressive lakes

If the perfect trip you’ve always dreamed of is visiting and exploring the quirks and oddities that nature offers to the human experience, imagine yourself above a a six hundred meters long bubble gum pink in the middle of nature.

  • Hillier lake

And while you might things these are all metaphors – middle standing for Middle Island, Australia, where the natural marvel is situated, this bubble gum pink looks actually the same not only from the airplane, where all the passengers end up gazing in wonder, but from the ground as well. The authenticity of the color is easy to prove by taking some water sample into a glass recipient, which wouldn’t change its vivid nuance.

 Surrounded by a rim of sand and rich vegetation woodlands, the landscape of lake Hillier also offers sand dunes covered by vegetation, which separates it from the Southern Ocean.

Pink_Lake_Hillier_in_Australia_12Although the origin of the intense color hasn’t been proven for sure, the scientists have two hypotheses: either the dye is created by some organisms called Dunaliella salina and Halobacteria or duet o the red hallophilic bacteria in the salt crusts.


Compared to lake Retba in the peninsula of Senegal, north east from Dakar, whose strawberry color is given by the salt loving organism called Dunaliella, the certainty of this amaranth, bubble gum shade provenance is not sure, but clearly very popular, admired by the tourists from all over the world.

  • Wuhua Hai

Wuhua Hai or Five-Flower lake, as it is called, is one of the 108 legendary haizi, the local term for the multicolored waters. Its hidden beauty is not only given by the colored, lively and luxuriant vegetation, but by the tree trunks bed made of ‘criss cross’ shaped ancient woods.

This southern end of the Minshan mountain where this natural marvel is located offers the beholder the privilege to experience an innate uncommon lake integrating a large variety of colors and shades due to the varying depths of the water and the sediments forming on its bottom, from light yellow to dark green, turquoise or intense blue.

Five-flower-LakeDuring the hot days of rich golden sun lights when the entire beauty of the place is sunbathing, the lake’s color spectrum imitates the chroma of peacock’s feathers.

Another strange, yet very impressive fact about this lake is that is never freezes during the winter period, not matter how cold it is outside or how thick the layers of ice are on all the other lakes in the haizi. For any of you who are interested in enriching their natural environmental experience, Jiuzhaigou National Park in China offers other interesting, curious hidden beauties as well.


  • Loktak lake

The only floating lake in the world, Loktak Lake in Manipur, India has its name from the words meaning in translation stream (lok) and end (tak). Its name is due to the phumdis, a heterogeneous mass composed of soil, organic bulk of different levels of decomposition and various types of small dimensioned vegetation.

The way to this wonderful natural area is more of a dusty, country-like scenic, picturesque road, at the end of which this lake integrates an impressively dense biodiversity as well as a world record.


Also called the lifeline of the people in Manipur, the lake has an enormous contribution to the national economy, with a remarkable influence on the local climate as well. The sedimentary issues that have emerged in the last decades contributed to the shallowness of the river. As this phenomenon develops, the water level rises. This mass of over 40 km square constitutes the largest appearance of its kind in the world, proudly carrying the name of the only Floating Park. In Manipur, all the surrounding rivers converge here, contributing to the illustriousness of the sight.

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