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Top 5 great unknown tropical destinations

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As the tourist turns more into a particular form of mass consumption, such concerns for inclusion in arrangements offered by optional active holidays has a growing share in the benefits of tourism services.

5.Virgin British Islands

If you do like savage locations and virgin beaches, then Peter Island is all you need. The private resort is the ideal place to bring romance back in you life. You can walk along the wild beaches, you can take advantage of the opportunities to go on private trips on the sea, you can also benefit of romantic dinners, and you can get accommodation on a private villa situated on the island’s hills.

The fifth largest, Peter Island has the shape of letter L and covers an area of 729ha. It was first colonized by German slave traders. After the abolition of slavery the island has turn back to normal. Half of it, with a port for boats and docks, is dedicated to club yachting and the other half is deserted, unfortunately.
The island offers excellent diving, five beaches, trails and roads for cycling. It is also so little populated that you will only find iguanas or descendants of the cats brought hundreds of years ago by sailors. One of the most visited places on the island is Deadman’s Bay beach, a golf course surrounded by exotic plants. Another intimate and beautiful location is The White Bay beach, which offers excellent diving sites of the surface.
At the risk of trotting out a hackneyed phrase, the British Virgin Islands are truly an “island paradise”. If you close your eyes and imagine a Caribbean sailing vacation … odds are you are envisioning these beaches!

4.Saint Vincent


Looking for adventure, relaxation and culture ? St. Vincent offers climbing the volcanic mountains, swimming in waterfalls and safari trips. And these are just some of the attractions. Others include scuba diving, luxury yachts and historic forts. Otherwise, you can participate in one of the island’s festivals, such as ” Rhythms and Blues,” “Vincy Mas” Carnival or the Festival of Fisheries.

St Vincent is part of the Windward Caribbean islands group and lies just over 100 miles South-West of Barbados. Saint Vincent is a mountainous volcanic island 18 miles long and 11 miles wide. Its interior is rugged with lush jungle and vegetation; the island is dominated by La Soufriere, an active volcano in its northern part. Grenadines made it famous; particularly sailors come there to analyze and better “taste” the miracles of nature.

3. Yasawa, Fiji

Are you looking for a private paradise, where even televisions are not accepted ? Then Yasawa Island Fiji is perfect. One of the 15 words that name “sky” in the official language of the island is “Yasawa” and it`s not hard to understand why: beautiful forests, white fine sand and the only place where you can accommodate is a “sanctuary” Fijian built of straw. You can be sure that you’ll love to see them live, when you visit the island.

The islands are a favourite destination thanks to Fiji’s modest resorts and going there you will have the great pleasure to admire the amazing coastlines, traditional fishing villages, turquoise-colored waters and isolated beaches. The accommodation is usually in small bungalows covered with reeds.

2. Huahine, French Polynesia


If you want enjoy Tahiti, but you don’t like crowds, Huahine island is all you need. Huahine is actually composed of two islands connected by a bridge. Fine sands, isolated bays and rich flora dominate the island, creating a paradise. There is a variety and wealth so large in terms of “green” that often kept this is called “Garden Island “. You can benefit from all forms of water sports and the couple riding and travel by helicopter are great.

It is covered with lush tropical forest and huge trees that grow on the island’s varied topography. Offshore islands have barrier reefs that protect the crops of local melons.

1. Saba, Netherlands Antilles


Queen Island of the Caribbean is a small ‘stain’ of land in the middle of the ocean which has incredibly much to offer. Saba is the smallest island of the Antilles under the Dutch government, but its history is extremely rich. During 1600 it was a heaven for pirates and today is one of the main attractions in the Caribbean, with its mountains, tropical forests and an impressive underwater life. And talking about history, it used to be “The land of spices” as the indigenous used to call it.

In other words, it is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday, the perfect place to go with your family and forget about the crowded city life, enjoying nature’s wonders. Once you have been there, you will become addicted and visit it over and over again.

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