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Top Ten Extreme Sports Destinations

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For those of you who show off scars instead of vacation pictures, you have probably not discovered dream itineraries. This involves tabling new day-to-day activities and seeing new, exciting and extreme places. These are top ten extreme sports destinations that will leave your adrenaline flowing. With these exciting sport destinations, you will literally say goodbye to your stress. Here are the top ten sports destinations worth visiting.

1. British Columbia (Heli-skiing)

There is no denying that British Columbia has some of the best sceneries in North America, and it only gets better on a number of skis. But what are some of the best spots? Well, the city of Revelstoke has one of the best skiing resorts you would not find anywhere else. With a population of about 7,500, the city boasts of being a top heli-skiing resort. There are several chopper services that take visitors to either Selkirk or Monashee mountain ranges for a memorable powder run. And tree skiing can’t get any better; the area is snowboard friendly for those that want to twist the routine a little. With the best conditions running between December and May, there is no limit to what you can in British Columbia.

2. Skeleton Park, Namibia (Shark fishing)

Professional sport fishing in Namibia is drawing more crowds than ever before. Shark fishing in Namibia is a one of its kind sport that is growing in bounds and drawing crowds from far and wide. This is explained by the fact that celebrity Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt chose this African nation as the birthplace of their child.

Beginning from the beach, you will have a memorable chance to take after the sharks, commonly known as bronzy by the locals. However, you will have to put up a great fight, considering that the biggest shark weighs up to 400 pounds. However, the country has strict catch and release laws. All the same, the experience is worth it all.

3. Lysefjord, Norway (BASE jumping)

BASE is the acronym for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth. The ability to jump on all fours gives you the rare recognition in the community’s books. This sport is associated with the late filmmaker Carl Boenish who developed it. Even though it is widely confused with skydiving, it has significant differences from the former. One of them is the view held by the authorities. For the biggest drops, minimal hassle and the best scenery, Lysefjord in Norway is where professional BASE jumpers do what they do best.

4. Queensland, Australia (Bodyboarding)

This is a new sport that borrows a leaf from surfing. It generally allows people to engage in some amazing tricks. The board measures around 40 inches and is a little bit smaller than a surfboard. Even though you can ride them while standing, more often than not, they are ridden half-standing. The sport has grown in leaps and bounds and old-school boarders can easily be distinguished from amateur boarders. Irrespective of your level, one of the top places to head to for a memorable bodyboarding experience is Queensland in Australia. The country offers awesome bodyboarding experiences and scenery, especially in the wet.

5. Boulder, Colorado (Buildering)

To understand what this sport entails, one should understand buildering, a special type of climbing technique then include things like buildings, bridges and the likes. The sport has been there for ages. Currently, Boulder in Colorado offers one of the best buildering, thanks to the University of Colorado which has a hand in growing the sport.

6. Peacock Springs State Park, Florida (Cave Diving)

There is no doubt that Florida boasts of some of the best diving experiences. While scuba diving in the Atlantic ocean can be a thrilling experience, it is no comparison to cave diving in Florida. Trained cave divers take to the submerged caves for an experience that requires technical skill than scuba diving. Given the low visibility in the caves, a source of light is highly recommended. If you have the adrenaline for this sport, then Florida is the place to be.

7. Ocoee River, Tennessee (Whitewater kayaking)

Even though whitewater rafting can be challenging, it is not comparable to whitewater kayaking. Unlike a raft which has multiple passengers, in kayaking, you are all alone. It has numerous subcategories, all offering different levels of challenges. Even though western rivers also offer a great experience, you may want to head to Tennessee for an unforgettable experience.

8. Ogawayama, Japan (Rock climbing)

Japan is widely regarded as an urban country. However, rural areas offer outstanding sporting experiences, one of them being rock climbing. Any climb requires the combination of climbing techniques and types. Besides, personal experience is also a factor in this sport. Even though Japanese sites are often overcrowded, the safety and experience they provide are worth it. Ogawayama has over 1,000 routes and plenty of faces, cracks and roofs.

9. Dorset, England (Zorbing)

This is the type of sport that will take you the memory lane to when you were young. It involves rolling down a hill in a large, inflatable ball. It does not require a lot of techniques and is pretty safe. Dorset in England is the place to head to for an unforgettable zorbing experience.

10. Waikiki, Hawaii (Surfing)

Australia and California may claim to be hotspots for surfing. However, Hawaii is largely regarded as the best place for this sport. Many believe that the sport was invented here, and is known to have been played here for centuries. Even though it faced European opposition in the 1800s, the sport prevailed and is today attracting thousands of sportsmen from around the globe.

If you are one of those people who cannot help suffering sore muscles and scars, then you may try your hand in jet skiing. Thanks to jet ski accessories, injuries are kept at bay, thereby giving you the chance to marvel at the natural beauty.


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