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Travel USA: Atlantic City Tropicana Casino

Boardwalk in Atlantic city

Boardwalk in Atlantic City. Photo: Wikipedia

Originally known as the Las Vegas of the East Coast, Atlantic City has in recent years been played as a city that needs help as the bad weather and lack of police on the streets has started to run the city down. Now with a city clean-up operation on the go and some fantastic casinos to visit, there’s a great opportunity to start exploring what AC has to offer. The main casino is the Borgata and is by far the grandest looking. For the card shark poker players there is a fantastic new option of the Tropicana casino with lots of playing tables and a card focus. Let’s have a look at each of these at a glance, one by one.


The Tropicana casino is very easy to get to and parking is well allocated. You just drive up to the garage they have and they look after you. You have to pay but that’s a small price as the only other option is just to leave your car on the street. And as much as the City is smartening up its act that is not an advisable option if you want to keep your vehicle.

Amazing Complex

When you get to the Tropicana you will see just how brilliant it is with many different parts to the complex from the casino to high end stores and night clubs it feels like you are on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. The main area is the casino and it well laid out and has a very regal feel to the décor with lots of gold and red and you feel very welcomed. The poker rooms are through the main floor and slot machines The poker rooms is massive and one on the best rooms you will have seen with large oak tables and a spacious playing area. The room is full of energy and many of the players will be New Yorkers so you can expect some great banter.

The Games

As far as the games go, you can select from anything you can possibly think of. For instance, you can play Limit Games from 3/6 often all the way up to 20/4. For No Limit High Rolling Games, you can play 1/2 or even higher stakes. Most variants of poker are open and the tournaments are to put it mildly extremely big here. Another great part about the tournaments is that they pay well from small buy- ins. You can buy in for $110 and have a shot at $10,000.

So as an avid poker fan I would suggest a trip away from Las Vegas and try the new an improved Atlantic City with lots of gaming to offer.

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