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World’s biggest and meanest rollercoasters

The Kingda Ka

The builders of Kingda Ka (located at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey USA) had in mind nothing less than creating the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. And they did it: the construction broke every record at the time of its creation, in 2005 and continues to be the ultimate champion. It reaches the speed of 206 km/hour in just a matter of 3,5 seconds thanks to the hydraulic launch system. At the end of the track, the train goes up to a staggering height  of 139 meters from which there’s only one way: down! Passengers will get to see what it’s like at 1.67 G. and will even get to feel a moment of weightlessness.

As the ride lasts for approximately 28 seconds, the Kingda Ka receives about 1000 visitors per hour, being one of the main attractions of the park. However, things haven’t always gone so well. There have been numerous functioning problems quite from the start, problems that occurred later also. Fortunately, no one was in the ride when the tests were made so, in the end, nobody got hurt. Moreover, recently the ride was hit by a lightning, which again gave a hard time to everyone at the park and spoiled the fun for thousands. Now the ride is back “on the market” and as safe as it could be, so feel free to try it!

The Top Thrill Dragster

This roller coaster was the absolute record-breaker at the time of its creation, also being the only strata-coaster. As the tagline, “Race for the sky”, suggests, height is no problem for the coaster, in fact, it’s all about height;  found in the Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio, it is equipped with four dual strobes for air-safety reasons. The coaster is 420 feet tall and the train can reach a speed of 120 miles/hour. All it takes is 3.8 seconds and then you get to experience negative G forces.

And as you do that you probably look quite funny; in order to show that to your friends you can buy the photo 3-4 minutes after the ride. A peculiar thing about this ride is represented by rollbacks, when the momentum given at first is not enough to take the train to the top of the “hill”. This happens usually because of wet weather, strong opposing winds or other conditions of this kind. The ride is specially equipped so that no one gets hurt, so the people have 2 choices: to ride again, without waiting in a queue( which is fabulous for some as the launch is considered the best part of the ride) or to simply leave. On a few occasions the combination of forces made that the train stopped on the top of the hill, which is not something many are looking forward to.

Son of Beast

Located at Kings Island, in Mason, Ohio, the Son of Beast was built as a sequel to “The Beast”. It soon entered all the roller coaster tops, being the tallest wooden ride in the world. Another attraction point was the vertical loop, which was one of a kind for a wooden ride. However, after an incident in 2006 when 26 people got injured, the loop was taken out of the circuit, even if it hadn’t been its fault. The ride holds numerous records, including the one for the fastest wooden roller coaster and also for the tallest of its kind at a height of 218 feet.

What is also interesting about this ride is the advertising campaign and the image created for it. As you enter the ride you will be surprised to see a box tied with chains from which you can hear growling noises as if a creature was trying to escape from it. This idea was later used in other places as well, but in a slightly different form. However, because of an incident in which a woman claimed to have suffered an injury because of the ride, even though nothing was found to be wrong with it, it was decided to keep it closed for the rest of the 2009 season.


Superman is located at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio Texas and holds the record for the tallest vertical loop(44 meters). Superman is a floorless roller coaster, also being the fastest in the park as it can reach 70 miles per hour. The coaster is now fully functional and can receive an estimated 1600 people per hour. In 2010 some painting work is planned and people are also wondering if Superman will also receive a sound system similar to others.

Even though the second part of the ride is not as spectacular and doesn’t cause the same adrenaline rush as the first one, it will definitely worth trying this particular ride. There are definitely some details the builders are using in order to make the scare one to remember: firstly the straps are not the ones you may be used to. Even though they are just as safe as any other (no incident is related to Superman), they offer a sensation of not being tied, which can be enough to scare the most. But this is what makes a ride unforgettable, after all.


Even though it was surclassed by Superman when it comes to the tallest loop, this coaster, found at the Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, it is still favored by many ride enthusiasts. At a height of 57 meters(188 ft) and a length of 1170 meters(3830 ft), it reaches the maximum speed of 70 mph(110 km/h). It definitely received a lot of people looking for some new sensations as was opened in 1990, making it somewhat of a veteran, especially as it still manages to compete with much ‘younger’ coasters.

More than being visited by thousands of people, the Viper has also been the used during the filming of three movies: Encino Man, True Romance and Space Cowboys. Some new coasters were built in the park, thus taking away  the crown of the most extreme ride of the park, but the viper still all tracts tens of thousands of park goers. One of the main problems was related to the straps as they caused headaches. After the ride was reconditioned it seems that the situation has definitely changed for the best.

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